Wedding Weekend

A couple of months ago Jim and I got an invitation in the mail.  My cousin Laura was getting married!  I held on to the RSVP for a while because at that time we thought that we might be traveling around now.  But I finally decided that we could not miss another family event because we might travel.  So I RSVPed 2 (1/2?).  We had hoped we would be bringing along a pint sized Huffman but no such luck. 

It was out of town so we had to stay in a hotel for a night I felt down right fancy.  It was nice to get away but it was also a lot of work for only one night.  Our next trip out of town needs to be much longer.  We went out to a nice lunch with my parents, Emily, Ryan and the Taylor Family.  I think I had the best crab melt ever, it was so good.

Our normal dog sitters were also going to the wedding so the dogs went to the "spa"  and they came home very tired.  I can't imagine leaving them in a place like that for more than a night or 2, it would be too stressful.  They did go to a place where they were allowed to play with the other dogs during the day which was nice and was also probably the reason they were so tired.

Here are a few pictures.  We were not allowed to take pictures during the ceremony so these are from the reception, so no traditional pictures of the back of everyones heads or walk down the isle pictures. Also in no particular order because blogger hates me!

On Sunday we made a trip to Coral City and the Fish Store.  We restocked our tank with inexpensive corals and some damsel fish.  The fish move pretty fast so the picture is not the best.  I wanted the platinum clown fish but with a price tag of $500 I think that one will have to wait until I win the lottery.  


ccd said…
Nice picture of you and Emily. Glad you got to get out of town, even if it was just for a night.
Maybe it's because I saw nearly the same pics on Jim's blog, but the thing that really sticks out to me is your GREEN shirt and matching crocs! LOL!
Kel said…
The Bride looked soo beautiful and so happy! Nice to see such a smiley happy bride!
Kim said…
Love the pic of you and your sis.. Sounds like a great day..
have a great week..
love ya
Jimh. said…
It WAS fun, but I think we need to do a week at the beach!

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