Weekend Distractions

I didn't have long to be upset or sad because Friday night I had a party to go to.  I hurried home changed into something presentable and headed out for a surprise retirement party for my old plant manager who retired last month.  He was surprised and I hope he had a great time.  I had a good time and really enjoyed seeing the people I work with outside of work.  It was a dark room so not a lot of the pictures turned out but here are a few that did.  (no Jim you can not get a D90 yet).

John meeting Fred's (new plant manager) wife.

Me and Renee.  Renee came up for the party from our CA office.  Renee and I became good friends when I lived in CA, it was really great seeing her again.

Me and Zenona. Zenona and I have been at Naumes together forever, they could not survive with out us, LOL.  

Then came the shed.  Jim put in the door on Saturday, it replaced that big hole that was there.  Please ignore the mound of junk inside that is the next job sorting and cleaning it out. Then Sunday we were going to work on a new side walk but instead we ended up getting siding for one side and finishing that up.  It only took 2 trips to Lowes.  

the hole

The door

proof that I worked too

smile your on candid camera

Oh yeah 2 can play at that game :0)

the weather was weird, it got cold then hot again

we decided to go with some trim.  it is not covering up any mistakes it just looks pretty.

All done!  

One side down only three to go, but they are going to have to wait until our muscles stop being sore and we have more money in the bank account.  I think the back yard will really start looking nice this year.  It looks like a new building to us.  

So this was Jim's way of helping me beat my adoption depression, work me until I fall in bed exhausted.  It worked I am feeling much better this morning. 

Hope everyone has a great week.


Jimh. said…
See!! I CAN be useful. I will only charge a nominal fee for all the work I did this weekend...You know, the Nikon D90 is an AWESOME camera...and we could get REALLY good low light pictures...
ccd said…
Jim is not cheap I see-- yikes.

The shed looks awesome. Glad you kept your mind and body distracted this weekend and the results-- so fun! Working it sucks-- but the AHHH feeling every time you go out your door-- wonderful. Here comes the week, brace yourselves.
Kelly said…
Jim, just for the record, I'd love to have a D90, too! :) Shed looks great.
Kim said…
Love the pictures and looks like a great weekend..
I am loving my new Canon .. so maybe you should get that one..
Love ya..
Kelly and Todd said…
Ohh I think the camera is a MUST!! The shed looks awesome. Our backyard is in desparate need of help - but I don't see it happening this year. Is it ok if I just pretend that your spruced-up backyard is ours?

-- kelly :-)

PS - I LOVE LOVE LOVE the crayon holders - super cute!!!!!
denise said…
Wow, impressive transformation.
Alyson and Ford said…
I am impressed - great job!!

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