Less Than a Year


That is how many LIDs are between us and where China is right now.  That is not however our wait time, that is much much longer.  The way it looks we still have several more years ahead of us in line.  I have a feeling that we will not be waiting out this line.  If we are ever able to adopt in Burundi then I think we will have to re-examine our application to China.  Things could always change but in our world things rarely change to benefit us.  China only referred five LIDs this month and that is not the speed up we were hoping for.

We have no news about Burundi, we are just waiting.  We are going to take a break from all things adoption, as much as we can, when we go on vacation.  We are hoping that it will put everything in perspective and we can come home with refreshed eyes and minds to make the tough calls. 


Jimh. said…
Of course, we'll probably see families with kids having tons of fun and that will be easy to live with. Stupid adoptions.
I really I could light a fire under CCAA's butt....but I cannot! Have a great trip. I should probably talk to you before you leave about meeting up on our way back from AK!
denise said…
Sheesh. It would take the patience of a saint to keep waiting in that line.

I hope you have a fabulous vacation.
Kelli said…
Ugh....365 LID days left...that is an eternity. 3 years from LID was a horrific time to wait, you have a much, much longer wait. I'm so sorry- especially sorry that a certain agency was not more honest with what the reality of the wait time was at that time. I really feel for you.
(Is it irony that my "word verification" word is "suckn"? as in..."sucking"? Yeah, I know it is. :(

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