More Work!

So this is what we did this weekend in pictures because I am too lazy to type.

See don't let Jim fool you, I helped.

The yard is coming together the inside of the house is falling apart but that is another story. 

I decided today that we need a vacation and we are taking one!! Damn it!  So in the next couple of weeks we will be traveling to the hopefully not so rainy Washington coast.  Camping with the dogs!  I am tempted to go up near La Push (ya know Twilight) I have been there many times and they have AWESOME beaches but it is a little far to drive for less than a week.  Plus I don't think you can make reservations in the campground, so if we don't get a spot we have to stay in the overfill spots.  Basically it's a glorified parking lot.  So I think we will make Ocean Shores.  

Someday I would like to go to a warm beach you know the kind where people wear bathing suits not windbreakers and rain coats.  And drink something fruity with a little paper umbrella.  I have never been to a warm beach, I have been to Florida but did not go to the beach and I have been to southern California but never to the beach.  I do love the beach and I just hope that it does not rain too much but if it does that is what tarps are for, right?


Jimh. said…
Ahh, Camping with tarps! THAT"S the Pacific Northwest WAY! Of course, I don't think I could ever camp without trees and enjoy it.
ccd said…
The concrete looks great! You guys rock when you want to.

I would like to go to one of those beaches too, warm, clear water.

A vacation sounds like work though. Well, now it does. I miss the days where mom packed and fed us and all I had to do was sit around and read and hike.

I read on a campground review near Forks that the twilight freaks come out, believing that they really are shape shifters and vampires. This from a Twilight fan but not a fan of the fans. I love La Push -Forks area but that sounds like a scary ordeal.
Kim said…
FUN.. FUN.. FUN...
I can't wait to see photos..
But as for the warm beaches.. well I am waiting for the day that we can take Aiden,Little Miss and Isabella to the beach TOGETHER..
love you tons..
The work out back is looking good!

Enjoy your trip! The beach...even in the rain is glorious!
Kayce said…
You guys wanna come down to Santa Cruz and camp and maybe do a little work at my house? Just askin! :) Enjoy your trip and looking at that fine job of a walkway!
Kelly and Todd said…
Love the shed and new concrete work - you did an amazing job. Have a super fun time camping. You deserve a vacation - enjoy every minute of it.

-- kelly :-)
denise said…
Glad to see the shed looks good ALL the way around now! Hope you have a wonderful vacation.
Margaret M said…
I did not know that La Push was real until this post. Shows how much I research what I read! I hope you make it to a warm beach soon. Enjoy your vacation, we all need them!

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