Need to Run Away to the Beach

I need to be there, doing that! Expect very similar pictures this time and I don't even care if they look the same to you.  

Although I think I should invest in a rain coat just in case and after seeing these pictures I might pack a few extra towels for the dogs.


Jimh. said…
I love how our dogs love getting out and running full speed. They are obviously enjoying themselves...I can't wait for US to be enjoying ourselves similarly.
Kim said…
you will have sooo much fun..
Love ya..
All this post is missing is someone in a chaise lounge with an umbrella drink!
Kelly said…
I wanna go, too!
ccd said…
Wish I could go with, you might not wish that, but it looks fun! Have a great time, missing your posts already.
Kayce said…
Looks wonderful! I really need to bring a kite with me to the beach next time we go...I've forgotten what fun that looks like!
: ) Hope you have a fantastic time!! Enjoy your vacation and come back refreshed.

Big hugs,

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