Packed Up Ready to GO, Day 1 or Before We Smelled Like Smoke

The truck was packed to the MAX

I thought it was a good opportunity for a pic with Jim and the kids

Toby thought it was a good opportunity to give Jim a kiss.  The whole day before when we were packing Mr. Toby was sure we were going to forget him or something, he is such a wall flower.  He was in super turbo mode.  He is our ADHD dog but we Love him to death.  We love Gypsy too but her special needs are more physical than mental.
Pre-Benadryl Toby.

Post-Benadryl, can you hear my sigh of relief?

What is that?

Yep, Mr. Ed like the breeze in his hair.  I have seen dogs do this but never a horse.  His head was even out further before I got the camera.
First evening on the beach.  I think it was gale force winds so we did not stay long. 

Back at camp and a little warmer.

And finally the campsite, pre-blue tarp.  The tarp came out the next day since we had a spot of rain in the night and we did not really want to get complete soaked if it decided to rain again.


Jimh. said…
It was fun! But, I'd like to visit a warmer climate next time...maybe we should visit that air museum in Tuscan...or there are a few air museums in Florida...or Ohio...yeah, right, who wants to go to Ohio?
Kayce said…
OH my that still looks like a blast even with the rain!
Kim said…
Looks like total FUN..
And I think you should take up Jim's offer of going to Tuscan.. but wait till my nephew gets here.. cause then Jim can go to the museum and you can Aiden can stay here..LOL>.
Love ya big..
ccd said…
Very cute. Looks like you guys had fun. Have the dogs recovered yet?
Great pics! Mr Ed cracked me up! What state was that? Looks very beautiful.

Sometimes its fun just to get away even if it does rain...

Love and blessings,
Love them all! Look like you had a GREAT time!!
Kelly and Todd said…
What a beautiful beach - takes my breath away. I'd love to visit one day. I'm so happy you had such a great vacation. I hope things start to look up for your soon.

-- kelly :-)

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