What Do You Do At The Beach Without Kids?

Well of course you fly 4 kites at a time.  Jim only had to chase the crayon kite twice.  Hey, that is something you can't do with a toddler running around, right?

But not everyone does this...

Toby actually didn't mind being buried in the sand too much for a second, he is such a good dog.  I should have taken video but Jim did not give me much warning that he was planning this.


Jimh. said…
Toby is definitely a good sport. I think he owed me for all the hair he put on my new green sweatshirt.
Michelle said…
Love it! Your dog has helped prepare you for parenthood! You guys are more than ready...hope it happens sometime soon!!
Kelly said…
I can't believe what a good dog Toby is!
Kim said…
.Toby cracks me up..
love ya..
great fun..

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