Win a Beautiful Quilt & help a Family

Robin and her family are raising money to bring home her beautiful daughter from China.  Please stop over at Red Thread Stitches and check out the drawing for this beautiful hand made quilt.

Another Family that I have become very close to during the wait is the Wells Family.  They are just waiting on their TA (travel approval, the last document before traveling) so they can go pick up their daughter and sister in China.  Sweet Maire has captured my heart and I can not wait to see her in her parents arms.  They are short a little in the funds area and need some help.  She was hosting a raffle but had some paypal issues, you can still enter the raffle by leaving a comment but if you can please chip in.  What people don't always realize is that even $5 or $10 add up and help a lot. so check out Meeting Maire and if you can chip in a bit and help out.  

As for us, Color Me Home has been pretty quiet lately.  We are gearing up to have a booth at the Hop Festival this year.  I figure that with all the kids that attend and that most of them know Mr.  Huffman, we should do fairly well.  Now comes the hard part, how many books do we get ready, how many crayon and pencil rolls do I make up and what do we do to make our booth attractive so that we draw in the kids?
If you are a local make sure you stop by and say hi, it is a free event so no excuses, mark August 6th and 7th on your calendar.


Jimh. said…
I'll be in the booth making drawing all day long...taking requests, though I don't do portraits. Stop in!

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