14 DAYS!

I am taking a break from my depression about how crappy the Burundi adoption is going to talk about our Chinese adoption, you remember, the one we started with almost 4 years ago.  Well this month China referred 14 LIDs.  That is the most that they have done in one month since we were logged in!! Personally, I don't think this is the start of a new trend but it moves us 14 days closer and that is all that matters right now. Only 350 LIDs away from our Little Miss, it was so great marking all those days off my calendar.  But hey, if it is a new trend we could have a referral in about 2 years from now, I know, I know, keep dreaming.  I never thought a 5 year wait was something I would look forward to, but it is a lot better than an 8 year wait. 

If we ever get to adopt Aiden from Burundi and the wait is still really really long (6-8 years) we will probably switch to the special needs list but for now we stay where we are and wait for governments and agencies to get their shit together so that we can hold our little ones. 


Jimh. said…
or we could totally amass an angry mob on our behalf and take over the agency by force...just saying, we have options!
Lorrene said…
I'm behind you on that one. Hopefully a few miles behind. Heeheehe
Kel said…
A move in the right direction should be celebrated!

Great news... you are going in the right direction still!!

Kim said…
We will get there sooner or later..
Love ya..
I am thinking they are going to really piss offf the AUNTIE in ARizona.. they better get their crap together and get my nephew to his Mommy and Daddy..

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