I hate it!  I am not athletic at all.  I have about zero coordination and although I was in sports when I was young, I was terrible at them.  I think I sat on the bench the entire 7th grade year of volley ball.  Add all that to the fact that I have joint and nerve pain in my legs and you get a girl that does not do a lot of physical activity.

But I hate the way I look right now.  I hate that I am shopping the women's section and not the misses, it needs to change.  The doctor also has told me that I need to lose some weight.  I have no weight related health problems yet but they are sure to come if I don't start doing something about it.  I take a medication that helps with the nerve pain and a side effect can be weight gain, Guess which side effect I have? It is no excuse, I have let it get out of control.  That coupled with adoption stress eating leaves has not been such a good combo.  So if I can't get the weight down I am going to have to stop taking the medicine and that scares me because it does help with the pain. 

So I have been keeping track of what I eat and I really don't take in a lot of calories during the week.  The weekends I kinda fall off the wagon but I am still trying to reduce and make better choices.  It is easier during the summer with all the fresh veggies available, I love that.  However, I have not lost a pound.  I did weight watchers for 3 months a while back and did not lose a pound then either and I stuck too it.  So I guess I need to add some more activity to my schedule.  I really have a feeling when I go back to the doc there are going to be some changes in medication but if I get some good habits now it will help, right?

I hate exercise but I like to live and feel good about myself.  Walking seems to be what everyone suggests but that is horrible on my knees, I do great for a short time then have to stop because of the pain.  So I never develop a habit.  I have decided over the weekend that I am going to start water walking at a local pool.  I can't swim, I wish I could then I would just swim laps but I can keep myself afloat.  My sisters and I used to do this when they were in high school.  You basically walk across the deep end over and over again.  You can't touch the bottom so it is a real work out keeping your head above water.  I am hoping that the low impact is what I need to feel good about what I am doing.  So I went for the first time tonight.  I am tired but not in pain so that is a good start.

Tomorrow I hopefully get to meet a bloggy friend in real life!! I am so excited I thought that they were going to have to miss us but I plans have changed again!  Look forward to some great pictures taken with Jim's new camera which he is out breaking in right now.


Jimh. said…
I managed a few decent pictures. I am glad that you don't hurt tonight!
Lorrene said…
I feel your pain of trying so hard and never losing an ounce. I am trying to stay off of the scales and keep trying.
Kim said…
You can do it.. sounds like the water thing is fun..
Give Diana and the family hugs for me..
Kelly and Todd said…
Wishing you all the best on water walking - here's to no pain. Todd and I are trying a water aerobics class tomorrow. I'm a little nervous - but we'll see how it goes. I may have to try water walking if the aerobics class doesn't work out.

Yeah for 14-days of referrals. We'll get there sooner or later.

Have a great weekend :-)

-- kelly

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