Feed the Pig


As you might remember I am feeding this pig monthly with the number of referral days, in dollars.  This month the pig had a feast!  14 dollars!! That is it’s first $10 bill.  

The pig was trying to check out Jim’s new toy but apparently it was take your camera to work day, since we could not find it so the box will have to do.


Kim said…
I need a piggy... I said I was getting one and still haven't.. I could use the extra cash on the way to China..
Margaret M said…
I love the pig! What a great idea! Less than a year of LIDs now! You have to celebrate each step!
What a great idea! We bought the same camera earlier in the year. If only we knew how to use it. lol Actually hubby bought if for me for Valentine's Day...I think it must be take your camera to work day for him too...I haven't seen it since he gave it to me. :)

Hugs and blessings,

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