I Hate Exercise - part 2

So last week I went water walking 3 times and I still don't like and I am super hungry and tired afterwards which probably means I am burning some calories but it still does not make me feel better.  I still hate exercise.  So ask, just ask me if I have lost any weight...Ok I will just tell ya...NO!!!!  Yep, not an ounce but I think I have lost inches or centimeters.   Ask me where, come on you know you want to...OK I'll just tell ya...my boobs.   Amazing as it might sound but this is not the effect that I am going for.  I would rather lose the inches in my waist, thighs or better yet BUTT, but NOOOO.  Reason number 47 why I hate exercise.

Oh well I will try again this week. 


Michelle said…
I hear ya! I absolutely hate exercising!!! I force myself to almost every day, but why doesn't it ever get easier or more enjoyable???
Souds great that you are doing it though! Keep it up and you will feel better and see more results.

I have tried going to the gym a couple of times since we have been back. Jon Jon lasts 10 -15 minutes in child care. Needless to say I am not working out. : (

I am sure it would help my stress too.

Jimh. said…
That doesn't seem fair to ANY of us.
denise said…
I hate exercise too, but I make myself do it. My husband actually enjoys running and working out. It's bizarre!

Only thing that's helped me is doing a high-intensity workout video ("Personal Training with Jackie") that is only 15 minutes. I figure that if I'm going to suffer, I may as well make every minute count. Those 15 minutes totally suck, but they're over super quickly.
Kelly said…
That's the first place I lose weight, too.... not fair!
Just pad your sports bra and keep up the good work. It's not fun, but it's so good for you!
Im right there with ya. Its the first place I always lose. I just made Andrew fix my bicycle so I am going to (try) and start riding.
Go figure! That is so stinkin frustrating! I don't like exercising either and I especially don't like dieting. I like my carbs and my sweets...and my soda...and my rootbeer floats...and my Chinese food...and Mexican food...

It sure comes on faster than it comes off...that is for sure!

Hang in there...you will see results!

Love and blessings,

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