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I and others suggested that Precious (Jim’s new camera) needs a blog all to herself.  So Jim has created a photography blog for all of those 1000’s pictures that he takes with his Precious.   I tease him about his beloved camera but he is a pretty good photographer in my opinion and I am not biased at all.  So check it out and become a follower if you want to see the millions of photos that Jim posts.  Here are a couple that I LOVE.DSC_0031    see the heart? I never noticed that sunflowers have little hearts in them.



The formatting of the blog needs a little work so it is a work in progress but it is worth taking a look.

Mr. Awesome's Wonderful Photos  He might be a little crazy about his pictures but that is OK with me.


Jimh. said…
Thank you for the glowing support! I love you!
WOW I'm empressed.... I so want a fancy smancy camera. I guess I will have to wait until we pay off a little more on the adopt first though. ; (

Kelly said…
I want one of those cameras, too - but I probably wouldn't know how to use it. Has he let you try it yet?
The photos are awesome.

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