Bad Blogger!! Pretty much a rant.

Yes that is what I am.  But it has just been one of those weeks.  I had a tooth re-filled and I have had some bouts of intestinal and girly trouble, not really bloggable events, just stating that is a little TMI.  Yesterday we did get to visit the SIL and BIL and niece and nephews.  That was fun and Jim got some good pictures.  Today I got some sewing done!  I can not wait for this special someone to arrive so I had sew up a couple Cora dresses to welcome her!  We also have a niecefew on way.  I can't wait for October!  Seeing the bassinet and the crib ready made me even more anxious.

I tried appliqué on my sewing machine today I think I might need a slightly better sewing machine.  I was kind of disappointed my basic Brother has been able to handle just about everything I throw at it except this.  So I will be researching machines and dreaming.  I never thought I would LOVE sewing as much as I do.  I am not fast or perfect but I enjoy being able to create something that is useful and pretty.  So the lack of this new skill frustrates me.

I found documentaries on Netflix and they are AWESOME ok I just started Wild China and it really makes me want to go to China.  Fascinating place and a good program!

That is about it. Going back to work tomorrow and hope to get a couple more blog posts next week but not promising anything.


You do a very nice job with your sewing! I need to put some thought into Meal Monday...
Jimh. said…
I knew you'd like documentaries! HA!!
denise said…
If not blogging for a few days makes you a bad blogger, I'm in serious trouble!

I can't wait for October either ;)
Kim said…
Sounds like you have had a pretty nice weekend..
Have a great week.

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