Creamy Chicken

Yesterday, I got up, read my blogs with my morning coffee and saw that Diana had posted this recipe, that she got on this site. She tried it with her family and they loved it. It only has 3 ingredients and they just happened to be 3 things I had on hand.  So I impulsively decided to try it out, What could go wrong? Well as it turns out not much.  I texted Diana with a couple of questions and then got it in the crock pot in less than 10 minutes and I was not even rushing.  (I must say texting a friend for recipe help is AWESOME)

So here is the recipe.

3lbs chicken breasts (I used 3 large breasts because that was all I had in the freezer)
1 package cream cheese
2 cans Cream of Chicken or Cream of Mushroom and Chicken soup (I used 1 can of cream of chicken again all I had and Jim does not like mushrooms)

Combine in crock pot and cook all day.

I put the Chicken in the crock pot, frozen, and topped with soup and cheese.  Set the crockpot on low and that was it.  It was super easy and I like that.

Jim came home at lunch and said it smelled great and he spread the sauce around a little.  However, when he came home after work it was starting to burn around the edges.  So he added some water, since it was still 2 hours till I was due to be home from work he left it on but it probably should have been turned to warm at that point.  I think my crock pot might be a little hotter than it should be, I can program it to turn to warm after a certain point but I didn't do that this time.  The recipe said all day, my day's are about 9 hours, I think the recipe was for a 6 hour day person. We cooked some fresh green beans and sat down to eat shortly after I got home from work.

(Yes, that is a Christmas plate, I like them and I need new dishes, don't judge:)

Things I liked about the recipe
  • Easy!!
  • 3 ingredients
  • great flavor
  • chicken fell apart on the plate
  • Dinner was cooked when I got home
Things that were not so zesty
  • burned a little around the edges
  • too salty but not too salty to eat just more than our liking.
  • chicken was a little dry
Things I will change the next time
  • use low sodium soup
  • cook for less than 8 hours (probably 6-7)
  • use water in the beginning 
  • I might cut down on the cheese a little or replace some with sour cream for more moisture and a slightly lighter flavor
I will make this again but I will make some of the changes I have listed above.  I think that most of the things that we didn't like about the dish were caused by over cooking.  Even the saltiness, as the moisture evaporated, the salt didn't.  I still will use lower sodium soup you can always add salt but it is harder to take away.  I will only cook for 6 - 7 hours not 8-9.  I would also whisk together the cheese soup first for a creamer texture.  I think I will added the soup and cheese (for me add a little water) whisk together in the crock pot then add the chicken that way you don't dirty up more dishes.  

It did  give me some great ideas for crock-pot meals that I can't wait to try.  It was wonderful to have it ready when I got home and nether of us had to work very hard to put a good meal on the table.  It was so easy to prepare!!

Bottom line:  We will do this recipe again!  Thanks Diana, I think I am going to like your new Meal Monday feature. Maybe I will have to start posting a Try It Out Tuesday?  


Looks yummy! I might give it a whirl. :)

I have that same Christmas plate. I collect one of each kind that I can find. Its a fun tradition of about 25 years.

Have a great day!
LOL~ I love it...Try It Tuesday!!

Your photo looked SOOO different than what it looked like for us. I did have the opportunity to stir it once or twice during the day (ours cooked for about 6 hours, but on high!) I know Jim doesn't like mushrooms, but my people don't either. So the Cream of Chicken & Mushroom was PERFECT. The mushroom flavor really made the recipe to me. Now I am in search of a can/bottle of diet orange soda for orange chicken. I haven't found it in the store so I need to stop by a C-store at a gas station to get one. Maybe that will be next Monday's meal. Although I have a feeling that I will be posting recipes more often. We had pasta with meat sauce last night. I had spaghetti squash and the peeps had veggie rotini. In fact, I have enough left over for my lunch right now! YUM!
Lorrene said…
I will sure try that one. Anything simple is for me.
I think you are right about the over-cooking is what caused it to be too salty. It has happened to me with other things.
Kim said…
I will have to try that.. due to me working and being the only one who cooks.. I need to start thinking up meals in crockpot so kids can eat good.. today I did and noone is home..
Oh well.
Kelly and Todd said…
I love the fact that you are eating off of Christmas plates. That just makes me smile. The chicken dish looked super yummy and easy - one that we will have to try this fall when we break out the crock pot again.

-- kelly :-)
Alyson and Ford said…
Wow, super easy! And I am sure your modifications will be great too.
Don't worry about the Christmas plates, AA is singing Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer every day!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
Kelly said…
Ohhhh, fresh green beans - YUM!!!

And I like that you're using Christmas plates - just shows your unique personality. :)

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