Hop Festival

We are ready, almost :0) we have a few last minute things to finish up then we are off to sell coloring books , crayons and crayon rolls!

Here is why I have not been posting. DSC_0080    DSC_0073 DSC_0078

DSC_0091If you would like a crayon roll Email me and I will hold one out for you.  These are all I have in these particular prints I can make more but I can not guarantee I will have the same fabrics. 


C and G said…
cutest crayons ever!!! i kinda want to eat them . . . wait - they're crayons. nevermind. :)
Kim said…
Love them..
I sooo have to get one someday..and the rest of my coloring books..
I need to place my order! Will email you. Good luck this weekend.
I hope it's going well and you've sold gobs! OK...it's only 5:45 there, but hopefully you are having lots of fun!!
ccd said…
It's Saturday night-- time to update us with pictures and stories.
Cora said…
Like the time that Jim got attacked with silly string and almost snapped. Yeah we decided to pack up after that.
Michelle said…
You guys are so creative! I can't believe I have never been to the hop festival. How did it go??
Wow...you HAVE been busy!!! I hope the show was a success!!!
Love them, love them, love them.... going to have to look into getting some when I get home...

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