How cute is this?

Ok this is another “look what I can do” post.  I love the transformation of a simple photo but I really like this photo for different reasons.
Straight from the camera, pretty good.decropped and enhanced, much better :)de1B&W since I have done that with the others, but honestly I like color better, in all the photos.  de2And one just for funde3But do you know what I love about this picture more than anything?  Do you know what makes this picture worth a blog post all to itself?  It is not this picture at all.    It is the picture that comes before it, it is the blurry, out of focus picture was on the camera before this one.DSC_0129 It is the unspoken, “Take a picture of me too, Uncle Jim”  It is the brothers in front of the tractor it is the waiting look on e’s face that you can see through the blur like come on brother I’ll stand with you.
It was so much fun to have Jim’s sister bring the kids all the way up to support us.  I was happy that they came early too because even though the wide open space was not a great thing for sales it was a perfect place for the kids to run and be kids! 
Hope everyone had a great weekend I am not ready for another Monday but they come once every seven days whether I am prepared or not :0)


Jimh. said…
This was a great post! It pays homage to brothers. I like the fact that these brothers are so close. I like that once in awhile I get lucky and take a decent picture. You do wonderful post-processing!!
I like the funky mirror reflection one! Have a good week!!!
ccd said…
I enjoyed the post too! I am glad you got one of the pre-picture because I too loved that he wanted his picture taken by e by Uncle Jim. They are a blast, thanks for inviting us up.
Kim said…
You are having tooo much fun with all those pictures..
Have a great evening..

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