It's Random List Time!

Don't know why but I just have a bunch of random things I feel I need to share, ok it was either this or go on and on about adoption crap so trust me this is better, there is only a little adoption stuff mixed in.
  1. We might be broke and eating mac & cheese for every meal but we will be parents someday to someone, damn it!
  2. When someone is upset, always say sorry. It is a way to sympathize even if it is not your fault it makes the person feel better.  Manners PEOPLE!
  3. I positively know that we will never use our agency for another adoption after we figure out what we are going to do with the mess we are in now.
  4. Do something nice for someone just because it will make them smile and don't expect credit other than thank you.
  5. Eat your vegetables in the summer when they are fresh, cause OH MY GAWD, yummy.  If you buy fresh fruit put a freaking note on your forehead so you don't forget it in the crisper for 2 weeks, not yummy.
  6. Don't pick at things in your cats fur, don't ask just don't do it, trust me.
  7. I am allowing a GIANT spider to live on my house above my clothes line, this is a huge step in tolerance for me, HUGE!!!
  8. Hanging laundry while keeping one eye on a spider is not easy and more than a couple shirts have been dropped on the grass this year but I will not kill Charlotte (and Jim refuses to move her.) How come all spiders that I allow to live become Charlotte?  None of them have written "Some Pig" in their web and if they did I might take it as an insult as we do not have a pig.
  9. I thought exercise was supposed to release endorphins and make you happy, how come I am not at all happy after I am done?  I just hate it more, I think it might be a mutation, maybe I need gene therapy.
  10. Sorry I could only think of 9 but I feel a list is just not worthy unless it goes to 10 so here is 10!! even though 7 & 8 are pretty much the same thing, sorry.  See I just said sorry twice it was not that hard.


Kim said…
oh so LOVE random things..
It helps get things off your chest.. maybe I should go do this .. but I don't think I could post mine on my blog cause it would not be very nice..>LOL..
Love ya..
And I am glad I don't live close by cause I might hurt your agency...
Jimh. said…
Awesome post, but what's wrong with Charlotte? She never fact I saw her munching on a wasp the other day...that's a good thing!
I think that Charlotte wrote Precious in her web!

Sorry things aren't going well! I wish your agency would step up to the plate!!!
ccd said…
I liked the "Some pig" part, sounds like something I might encounter here.
Christie said…
1. Sorry...(not hard to type either)
2. Double Sorry
3. Eeeek. Sooorrryyy.
4. I'm leaving you a nice long comment. Is that considered worth a smile? Let me announce here and now that I'm sorry, but I expect no credit.
5. Eww. Sorry bout' that. (still easy to type.
6. Yeah, no. Don't do it. Sorry you had to go through that!
7. Ok, that is just sorry. And gross.
8. Charlotte? If you come down off the house, it's ON like Donkey Kong. Sorry. But your furry butt is mine.
9. Sorry, but exercise is for the weak. Sorry, but true. I've decided to die fat and happy.
10. It's not hard...but I'm sorry you couldn't think of a #10. Woe. A list with a missing #10. Bad karma. Better start a new one...

That was so funny!!! I love it!

And...I could NOT allow a big spider to live next to my clothes line...nope....

And...we eat eggs quite often for dinner. :)

And I will never use Mia Hope's agency again if I can help it...but we do what we must to get our chidren home.

Don't give WILL be a mama some day and I can't wait!!!

Love and blessings,
denise said…
The spider comment cracked me up. And I love that you had to round out the list with ten things. I totally get that!

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