My Man!

I know you all think it is Jim, right? No?  Is it Aiden? you might ask.  Well maybe but my first love was neither.  It was Ernie!  Yep as in the Ernie and Bert, Ernie.  I carried this doll around by one arm for much of my childhood.  Ernie required several reattachment surgeries of one of his arms as he was apparently not meant to be carried around by the arm for several years.  Thank goodness my mother is an excellent doll surgeon. 

I was having kind of a bad adoption day yesterday.  You in the adoption world, probably know what I am talking about.  You know the ones where you are all weepy and just want to hold your baby.  It was a tough day.  I got a medical report which really did not say much but I just wanted to be there for him.  I know he has not always had the best of health (nothing serious) but who does not want to give their kids a cuddle when they are not feeling good.  And knowing that he had his blood drawn and I was not there to wipe his tears made me fall into a crazy mess. 

So today we went to the book store and I always end up in the children's section.  Guess who was sitting on the shelf giving me that big ol’goofy grin?  I could just hear his laugh, khe he he he he, who can spell Ernie’s laugh but you all know the one I am talking about.  So Aiden now has his very own Ernie doll waiting for him.  I hope he gets to meet his Ernie soon.  He might hate him and that is OK too, but today it really made me feel better to think that soon I might get to share a little of my fond childhood memories with my little man.

ErnieI still have my Ernie somewhere I will have to dig him out and compare the two.  The funny thing is that as we were walking through the store I found myself unconsciously carrying the doll by one arm.  I guess I will never learn :)


Jimh. said…
I shall be forever jealous.
I like the Ernie story.

No need for Jim to be jealous...he has have Ernie!
Kelly said…
So sorry you were having a bad day... but I'm glad you found Ernie when you did.
Kim said…
Love it..
And you will have great pictures of Aiden carrying little Ernie around by one arm..
I sooo have faith he will be home soon..
Kelly and Todd said…
Awww - Ernie. He was my favorite as well. Still is come to think of it. Here's hoping Aiden will be with you soon. Hang in there!

-- kelly :-)
Kel said…
Love it!!! Hope you have some great adoption news soon!!!!!!!
denise said…
I love that you bought the Ernie doll. What a sweet story to share with your son someday.

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