We Survived

We made it through the weekend in one peice. The Hop Festival was ok, there were a lot of things that were out of our control that didn't help us.  One was the weather, first it was super hot, then a gale force wind started blowing, then the next day it was super hot again then the wind started blowing although not as hard and we ended the night with rain.  The other thing that did not help us was the location.  They put us right next to the cheap (junky not inexpensive) toys.  So the parents that walked by us were the ones that wanted to buy the junkie toys and the others walked well away from us to avoid the tempation.  We were also next to the carnival stuff which I thought might be good at first but it is not.  However, when parents are taking thier kids to the bouncy house they don't want to stop and look at coloring books.  Also everything was really spread out so a lot of people never even saw us.

But even with all of that we were able to make a little money to put in the adoption fund which is what we were there for.  I think we will try a bazaar in the fall, something with a more artsy/crafty feel and less teenagers and hopefully more grandparents and moms.

I think our booth looked good and comprarable to the professional ones!  And we handed out alot of free coloring sheets with our blog on it them and business cards so you never know some people might take a look at it. 

We did have fun with family, especially the little ones.  Here are some pictures.

I am having some issues with Jim having all the photos but we will have to figure it out.  What photo sharing site do you use, if you use one?


Hey Cora,
Glad you survived weekend! I use Shutterfly for my photo sharing. I started a share site a few years ago so all the family can see the photos I am always taking at gatherings. I love it.
Sorry that the Hop didn't go as well as you hoped, but you shouldn't have much work to do for the bazaar.
Hopefully the next one will do better...I'm sure it will! It's such a guessing game. Your display
looked great! Cute kids!!!

We use Shutterfly.

Looking forward to our books! :)

Love and blessings,

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