Happy 1st Birthday Little Miss!

First, I know you are all dying for a name but it is harder than we thought it would be.  We are working on it and as soon as we know, you will too.

Today is Little Miss's first birthday.  I am sad that we are not there but I am so happy to know we will be there soon.  I wish we could share her picture with you because she is just perfect but we have to wait until after we get pre-approval.

Lets see what do you want to know that I can share?  

She is from the Hunan province in Chenzhou SWI.
She was about 14lbs at 9 months old
Her favorite toys are brightly colored and make noise :)
She is not strange. She is a vivacious and cute baby.  LOL, that is a direct quote from the report :)

I can not wait to meet this little one.  This is the time line that we expect but they are just estimates, I am thinking in total 3-5 months.  We are ready to go any time!

Letter of Intent (LOI) - 9/25/10
Pre-Approval (PA)- 1-2 weeks
Letter of Approval (LOA) - 1-2 months
Travel Approval (TA) - 3-4 weeks
Consulate Appointment (CA) - 3-4 weeks and we will leave 2 weeks before our Consulate Appointment.

Happy Birthday baby girl!  We can not wait to scoop you up and give you lots of love.


Toys that make noise. AWESOME!! Aunties are going shopping!!!
Kelly said…
I personally think you need to meet her before deciding on a name... but maybe pictures will help you decide.

As I told Aunt Lorrene, words cannot describe how excited I am for you. :)
Kel said…
Oh Cora. I am so thrilled for you. Honestly, was tearful all last night at your first installment, woke this morning and read your second in tears, but no time to write a response.. and now I see this!!!

Don't rush the name!! Enjoy taking your time and deciding! It's going to feature majorly in your lives! Maybe you can let us know a shortlist!!! I promise not to give any opinions on it! Its totally your and Jims decision!!!

I cannot wait until we get to see her piccy! I have been praying and hoping for you Cora because I have felt your pain. It is certainly your time and maybe just maybe there was a reason it took so long eh..

Oh goodness I am so excited I don't know what to do with myself. How strange that a lady I don't even know physically, but know so well online, can have such an impact on our lives too. I read some of your posts to my hubby last night. Don't normally do that. He can see how much it means to me for you too.
Anonymous said…
Cora and Jim we are so happy for you guys Brandi, Jess and I have been there ever since we new you guys were trying to get a little one.Now is happening it is so exciting. that it is finely come together. I think you should take your time on nameing her. Get to know her. you will know when you see her.
Aunt Carol
Lorrene said…
I think you already know how I feel. I'm sure all the advice about what to name or not to name her just makes it more confusing. I am like the rest of them. Take your time. Thank you for the new info. I just love it.
Melissa said…
oh i am just so excited for you guys! it is amazing how you can live on the other side of the country and never have met someone, but still feel as if you are a part of their lives. you gotta love the world wide web. can't wait for pics of little miss!
Stefanie said…
Soooo wonderful, Cora!! HUGE congratulations!!! I am so SO excited for you guys!!!!
Our little one just turned one on the 21st :)
Yay!!! Can't wait to see her picture!!!
Yes, Happy 1st Birthday Little Miss! We are so excited to get to meet you and wish HB to you in person!

I love the noisy toys!She is just going to love the squeaky dog toys too!

What an amazing journey you have been on! I hope and pray that things will go smoothly and you will have her in your arms really soon.

Me again. Take your time naming her. You have to really know what you want. Don't wait until you see her though as it is nice to have her legal name on her documents coming into the USA. Otherwise they will put her Chinese name on all of your paperwork.

: )
Michelle said…
Happy Birthday Little Miss! Soon you will be celebrating in th arms of your mommy and daddy.
Alyson and Ford said…
Happy Birthday to Little Miss! (ditto, ditto).
So happy for you!! Can't wait to find out her name! Go crazy thinking of all the possibilities!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
denise said…
Glad to know that she isn't strange. Ha! What a funny thing to say on a report.

I'm so thrilled for you guys. I can't wait to hear more!
Kim said…
Happy 1st Birthday Little Miss..
Auntie Kim LOVES You with all her heart..
Can't wait to hear your name and hold you .. I might get to hold you first before I know your name..
Jimh. said…
I am so happy We will finally be parents!
Kelly & Todd said…
OMG - OMG - OMG!!! I'm sooo super excited and happy for you both. I've been away from blog land for a bit - and this is just the BEST news to come back to. Congratulations on finding "Little Miss". I'm so looking forward to learning her name and seeing a picture of your sweet baby girl.

Best wishes to you both and much happiness!!!!

-- kelly :-)
Kelli said…
Congratulations!!! I'm so happy to see you've switched courses....you must be thrilled to to no longer be in "limbo"- i remember how awful that was!
What happy news! Now bring on the PHOTOS! (Or did you know who warn you against that? I truly have no love for them.)
dcorey said…
Congratulations Cora! I have been silently reading your blog for a long time. I found it searching for Burundi adoptions b/c I was potentially interested in that program. We decided to adopt from Ethiopia instead (and are currently waiting to bring our 2 gorgeous kiddos home), but I kept reading your blog b/c I liked your very real posts and wanted so badly to see you complete your family. I am so excited for you and can't wait to learn more about your little girl!
Kayce said…
Happy birthday sweet baby girl! Your mommy and daddy are so extra special! We can not wait to welcome you into your new home and celebrate many birthdays to come!!!
Cindy said…
Woo-Hoo! Happy birthday Baby Girl!
I am so excited for you all! This is wonderful!
Happy Birthday to YOUR precious girl!!! Someone is going to be home for Christmas!!!

Cora and Jim...I am so, so happy for you!!! Have I mentioned that before? lol :D

Love and blessings,

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