Just a Few Little Things

I'm having a hard time waiting for that precious PA, not a sad depressing wait but like the night before Christmas wait.  I know she is our girl but I just want to make sure that China knows she is our girl.  This has really been the longest week.  I can't believe that only one week ago that I had that frantic day and we locked her file.  So much has happened it is kind of tough to process it all so in my mind time has just stretched out to where it feels like a month ago.

I was expecting a PA early next week based on when we submitted our LOI (letter of intent) and looking at when others are receiving theirs, however, I have heard that there is a national holiday in China until the 5th so it is probably more like the middle of next week, ugg. After the PA I can show off her picture to all of her already adoring fans.  I think we have settled on a name and we hope to announce that soon as well.  I am sorry if I am gushing.  There is just something so different about this process that gives me peace.  China is a stable, predictable program something we never had in the Burundi program.  I do not expect everything to go smoothly but I do know what to expect and that is refreshing.

So while you are waiting for pictures of Little Miss Soon to Have a Name, I thought I would give you pictures  that I took last Saturday.  Jim and I meet his parents, and sister's family at the Prosser Balloon Rally last Saturday.  Although Jim now has his fancy camera I was able to take a few pictures with the little camera.  E and I split off to run to each balloon, I might have still been on a high from the previous days events :).

Oh and this is just a bonus cutie, eating sweet potatoes and being distracted by Aunties.


Jimh. said…
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Jimh. said…
I do loves me some nieces!! You should learn to use my camera, you could give me some stiff competition!! Awesome photos!
Michelle said…
Can't wait to see pictures of your new daughter! Congratulations!
Lorrene said…
You got some really great pictures. You look so happy. I think it's because your wait is almost over.
I am glad to hear that you are not sick. Just sick of waiting. That is very understandable!

I hope your PA comes soon so we can see your beautiful daughter and find out her name!!
ccd said…
You're faster than us in picking a name, but you do have the benefit of a gender and face. Can't wait to hear new info and name!!!
Kim said…
I can't wait to hear my nieces name..
Love you .. hurry up PA...
I am just waiting to hear her name and see the adorable little cuteness!

It will come. You could just show her feet like I did!


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