Just Pictures

I guess I don't have much to say so I will just post some pictures.  The first is Jim's camera the others are what I see when ever we go anywhere :0).  Hope you are all having a great holiday weekend.


I love it!! Too funny.
Do I see Salish Lodge in the background? I heart that place if it is.

Love that pic of you two!!
ccd said…
Cute pictures Cora!
Cora said…
you got it right Jody! We have never stayed there but Jim proposed to me in front of the falls. Boy has that little park changed in 12 years.
Jimh. said…
why so many pictures of me? I like the pictures of you better!
Wow...great pics! Love the one of you with your hubby! And please tell your hubby that Lauren went nuts over the Batman pics he drew! She had me make copies of them before she colored them. lol

Love and blessings,
Kayce said…
Love a post with great pictures! Love that one of the two of you!
denise said…
My husband sees that too!! Er, well...not Jim, that is. He sees me with my camera 24/7.

Love the first picture of you two.

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