Kindle Day

Jim recently got his "precious" camera  by doing some extra jobs like painting signs and selling some things we no longer needed.  As it happened he was able to get enough money, plus some, so he told me that I should get something that I would enjoy.  I am not very good at getting things for myself.  I thought about it for a while and I decided that it would be really nice to get an electronic book.  Jim and I had the VERY first versions of Sony's ebookman years ago and they were not that great however, they have come a very long way. They are more user friendly with many more books to choose from.  I love reading but I am not good at using the library sometimes it takes me months to get through a book and sometimes days, sometimes I read 2 or 3 books simultaneously and I often read the same book 2-3 times.  So the library has not really become a practical option, for me.  With an electronic book I can carry a personal library in my purse!  No more searching for the perfect magazine the the doctors office, no more packing 3 or more books in my suit case when I go on a trip.  

Then came the time to choose.  I have 3 options, the Sony versions, the Nook (Barnes & Noble), or the Kindle (Amazon).  It took me weeks of researching and weighing the pros and cons before I decided.  I finally choose the Kindle.  It was not easy they each had great features and I found that no matter which one a person choose the ended up loving it.  I think it is really a personal choice, they are also really close in price.  I ordered it in August but since I ordered the newest version it was on back order.  I knew this would be the case before I ordered so I was not too upset.  It said that it would be shipped on or before the 17th.  Then I got an email last week saying it would not ship until the 27th, NOOOOO!  I figured I would just have to patiently wait (the adoption has taught me patience, lol) but to my great surprise I got an email on Monday saying it had shipped and I would receive it on the 15th!  

I was thrilled of course Jim has been teasing me all week about it not coming and I think that is TOTALLY unfair as I never did that to him about his "precious" :0) I got a text saying it was delivered so I decided to take my lunch and drive to the post office to pick it up.  That way I got to charge it at work and it was ready to go by the time I got home.  Yesterday was a pool say so I didn't get home until 6:30 :(  I played with it for a while and downloaded a couple books. But I also had to watch the Survivor Premiere and the Big Brother Finale so my precious time was limited. 

So here it is!  I love it so far.  It is so easy to use and the screen really does look just like a page.  I have 2 books on it so far, but it holds 3500.  It is really light and thin and because it does not have a back lit screen it does not get hot, like other electronics.  The battery is said to go for weeks but I will have to test that out.  I have heard that I can get books lots of places but the easiest is Amazon so with Christmas coming Amazon gift cards are extremely welcome :0)   

Jim, thank you so much for my Kindle, I love you!  


Jimh. said…
Seeing the smile on your face that doubtless matches the one I wear when I use my beloved camera is worth the thousands of dollars I spent on you! Huh? I didn't even spend $200 on you? Huh...I guess i'd better get you a hug or something to make up for it. Love ya!!

I am glad you are enjoying it!! I think I might need one, too, though...
I hope that you can make the text really large to go with that grey hair you found!!
Kim said…
How cool.
Have a great evening..
Jimh. said…
Wow, Diana...that's low! She had a blonde hair, but I don't recall seeing any greys...
A. Gillispie said…
I'm so glad you posted about this! I am horrible at going to the library too, but am a huge reader. I have no more room for books! I already told hubby that a reader was my big Christmas request (but hadn't researched which one to get yet). I'm going with the Kindle, now that you've done the research for me! LOL!

I hope you enjoy!
Kel said…
Oh you spoilt girl!!!
Kelly said…
YAY!! I'm glad you got it! I'm leaning more towards the Nook, but I'm sure they're both worth every penny. I'm so excited for you.

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