Spicing Up Our Supper - Meal Monday

So I was inspired by trying a new recipe that Diana had posted and I thought, why not do this regularly.  When it comes to somethings I guess that this family is pretty ordinary.  I am sure that we are not the only ones but I feel we get stuck in a rut and eat the same things week after week, after week.  Most of what we eat is very good but just always the same.  Our big ones are tacos, beef stroganoff, grilled chicken, marinated steak, and pork chops with apple gravy.   Occasionally we mix it up with chicken enchiladas or spaghetti but as you can see it is not every exciting.  So the creamy chicken is going to be new on the list and I am going to make a list.  And remember what we make so that we can eat it more than just once, if we like it of course.

So last week I revived an old recipe from last year that we have not made for a while.  I got it from my mom who got it off TV but I don't remember which program.

Crock Pot Carnitas (my name)

1 pork shoulder roast
1/2 cup Tequila
1/2 cup Orange Liquor (triple sec is the same thing and cheaper)
1/2 cup Margarita mix
some minced garlic (we like a lot of garlic but add what you like 2-3 cloves)
3 T soy sauce
1 small jar of orange marmalade  (8-10 oz)
chunky salsa

In a zip top bag combine the alcohols, the margarita mix, the garlic and the soy sauce.  Mix together then add the pork shoulder and refrigerate over night.  (I have done this without marinating but it is easier for me to do it the night before because it means less prep work in the morning before work) Then dump it all in a crock pot the next morning.  Spread the whole jar of orange marmalade on top of the roast.  Cook on low for about 8 hours.
Pull out of the crock pot and shred with a fork.  Serve in tortillas with onions, cilantro, salsa.  You can add what ever toppings you like it is really good with guacamole too.

A few notes about the changes I have made.  First the marinating over night is not in the original recipe but it worked out very nicely.  Second it calls for onions in the crock pot, I was out so I did not use them and I didn't notice a difference besides you put them on as a topping anyway.  Third it calls for 1 cup of marmalade, so that is 8 oz. the smallest jar I could find was 10 oz. and what am going to do with 2 oz of left over marmalade so I made the executive decision to use the whole thing.

I will try to post our new recipes but I know I can't commit to doing it every week, see I am lazy like that, but I will try :0).


Jimh. said…
Let me tell you that this is an excellent recipe and it doesn't involve hours watching over boiling LARD that the original recipe we used did!

Tender, fall apart in your mouth good!
I like this idea Cora! I get stuck in a rut too. It is easy to do with kids as the have a tendency to be picky eaters!

That sounds delish...and your regular meals sound more exciting than ours. Jim often posts what you are eating on FB and I think it sounds GREAT! I bought a bunch of crappy frozen meals at the store today...but with NO kitchen and a microwave in your family room and fridge in the garage...it's just easier. No dishes to try to wash in the bathroom sink either. Maybe we should have held onto the RV longer so we had something to cook in.
Oh...now this sounds yummy!!! I LOVE your name!!!!

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