Can't Sleep

I had a hard time falling asleep last night and then I woke up about 4:30 this morning and could not get back to sleep.  I really need to stop worrying so much about all the craziness that is going on in my life and just get some rest.  I hope we get a lot of things done this weekend so that I can feel better about this upcoming travel.

I saw this ladybug on my frozen car last week, good luck or just frantic packing?  There is a rumor that several TAs will be issued next week and as much as I am excited to get it, I am nervous.  I am nervous about having everything in place and ready to go.  I am nervous about the actual travel.  We have never done a trip this big before and add taking care of a baby that does not know me yet kind of freaks me out.  I know it will be fine in the end but I still have a hard time not thinking about it and there fore not sleeping.

Today we are going to get to babysit Leah for a few hours, Jim is referring to it as practice :).  It should be fun.  I will also be packing and cleaning and getting ready to change our lives FOREVER.  It is scary but in a good way.  I guess after all we have been through I can't believe we are actually going to be parents for the first time.

Have a good weekend!


WOW~ You are up VERY early! We are finally all awake here. I need to get Chloe's package in the mail!!!
Lorrene said…
I am excited for you. I think Chloe might just enjoy all the attention for a change. We can hope so anyway. Maybe when you get on that plane you can breath a sigh of relief.
Jimh. said…
I think you might be worrying a bit too much. But, someone needs to, maybe I should take my turn...nah, you're doing such a good job for both of us!
ccd said…
Hmm... I think as a mom you automatically go into worry mode. It usually benefits in thinking and thus thinking of stuff you wouldn't have before.
All of the feelings you described are perfectly normal. I went thru it all 3 times and I know I will go thru it again with Liliana. Sometimes us mothers work best under pressure. Everything will fall into place. This journey is going to be one of the most unforgettable, life changing experiences in your entire life. You will not believe how in love you become with this child on the other side of the world....I'm sure you are already feeling it. :) And how you will leave a piece of your heart in China...longing to one day return. Try to relax and enjoy this moment of anticipation...because it will soon become another wonderful your dream melts into fruition. You've yearned and dreamed of becoming a mama for a long time...its almost here!!!!! Not months...just days away!!!!! Praise God! :D
Anonymous said…
I know how it is when you can't sleep because you are going into unfamiliar places,and your mind won't stop thinking, but you will be fine when you get on the plane heading for China to get your little girl. I'll be praying for you and Jim, hope you hear something soon.
Love Aunt Carol
Kel said…
The journey itself is a nervewarcking thing.. I'd find it that way too but Chloe... you're a born natural mum and that will just happen for you guys when you are there. Truly believe that.

Enjoy the chaos, the packing and list writing, enjoy every second of the anticipation. If you forget something, most things you will cope without so don't sweat the small stuff. Just take advice from those who have done it before, they are sure to have great tips and relax! Get some sleep while you still can!

lots of love xxxx
Kim said…
You are going to have sooo much fun being a Mommy..
It is an AMAZING feeling.. and you are just getting ready..
sorry I haven't been around but you know you can call me anytime and I am always here in spirit..
denise said…
Your trip to China reminds me of labor: you have a general idea of what's going to happen and you know you'll end up with your child at the end, but you don't know exactly what will happen in the process (or how much it might hurt). It's scary and exciting at the same time. Kinda makes me wish they'd give you an epidural for the adoption process...
Amy said…
Aw, Cora, I echo everything Faith, Hope and Love said! I get the shivers (the happiest kind!) thinking of the amazing experience that is unfolding for you and Jim. The blessings awaiting you and Chloe are immeasurable...soak it in...even these nervewracking days of last minute preparation will be part of the sweet memory of Chloe's entrance into your family. I cannot wait to see your precious, long-awaited baby girl in your arms! It sure doesn't feel like it now, but in the blink of an eye, Cora, you will be holding Chloe and you will not be able to comprehend that there was ever a time before she was the center of your universe. "The pain that you've been livin' can't compare to the joy that's coming!" With Love and Prayers and (((BIG BIG HUGS))), Amy
Hi dear friend!

Oh so much going on and so much to think about..... Everything will continue to fall into place and soon Chloe will be in your arms! Take some deep breaths relax and try to enjoy the ride. If you do not remember everything for her, you can always pick it up at their Wal Mart store. Diapers, clothes, bottles and formula are there.

You are going to be the best mother Cora! Jim is going to be a great dad. You do need your sleep now though!

Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!! We would love to come meet you at the airport!


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