Date Night

Jim and I decided to spend an evening out.  It was fun.  I got my hair cut, put on makeup and even dug out a pair of earrings I felt a little like a girl.  It was nice.  We went to an early dinner at Antojitos (sp?) a local Mexican restaurant with really really good food.  We got done with dinner earlier than we thought so we browsed the book store for a while before heading to a movie.  We saw Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows part I.  It was very well done I was quite pleased.  So much comes together in this book that I was wondering how they were going to accomplish it in the movie but I was happy and happy where they ended it.  I can't wait for part II in June, anyone want to volunteer to babysit in June? We had a really fun night and kind of a treat.  We do spend a lot of time together but this was just a little different.  We went out with a plan and that made it special.

When we got home I decided a date night was not complete with out a minor injury.  The light was off in the bedroom and I decided to turn on the lamp by my bed.  I should have left the other light on while I walked through the room but why would I do something like that.  My hair dryer was on the floor by my bed.  I know not really the place for a hair dryer but that is where it was.  I quickly slammed my foot into it and cut my toenail on it somehow.  I think it just mostly took the nail off but it was not pleasant and bled a bit.  So my date had to play first aider and bandage up my toe :) Could have been worse, no stitches were needed.

Next week is Thanksgiving and we have failed to make permanent plans again because of the adoption.  I think the holidays will be especially hard this year.  We had really hoped that we would be home for Christmas but the longer this wait for our immigration goes on it looks like it will be more like January for travel.  I am going to do my best to just relax and enjoy the season for what it is.  Enjoying time with our extended family.

PS I need a new camera now, I think I have been spoiled by Jim's camera and the clarity of the pictures.  But I need something a bit simpler perhaps a Nikon coolpix, just saying :)


Kim said…
Sounds like an AMAZING night.. minus the toe...
As for the holidays..
I am here with you in thoughts and spirit..
Little Miss will be here soon.. and then you will have AMAZING holidays..
Love ya
Jimh. said…
Kim, ANY night with ME is AMAZING! I am, quite honestly, AWESOME.

As for our night, yeah, it was a really nice evening. Sorry about the toe. Love you!
Sounds like a good night out!!! I hope that changes comes soon!
Charissa said…
Sounds like a nice evening. Cute hair cut!
Alyson and Ford said…
Wonderful to have a special night out! Glad you had fun! Hope you can join up with some family and friends for the big turkey day!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
Kayce said…
Enjoy date nights as much as you can now! Mike and I were just thinking about the last time we had a date....we couldn't remember!

You guys are more than welcome to come down to CA for a little turkey...seriously!

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