Happy Late Halloween!

Jim and I spent the afternoon with my family, a belated birthday dinner for my Dad.  It was a great weekend and I wish I had a couple more days.  Jim was able to get some cute photos of a lady bug, isn't she adorable?

They say lady bug sitings are good luck for adoption, I am hoping that seeing this little lady gives us enough luck to bring our TA this week!


ccd said…
I hope so too! Chloe has some cousins waiting for her and pretty close in age. Very cute lady bug.
Kel said…
I didnt know that re the ladybugs! Fingers crossed for you!
Kim said…
Love the cute little ladybug..
Love ya..
bring on the TA...
What a cutie! Finger crossed for TA this week.
She is ADORABLE!!! WOW!!

Come on TA!!!!!!! Don't make me get out my BIG RED boxing gloves!
denise said…
So stinkin' cute!
Anonymous said…
Say I saw 2 ladybugs on my back porch yesterday and the day before. If they are needed for luck then we have a couple of them located. Yeah for Chloe and you. mom h

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