How Much Can We Take?

We are being tested I am sure!!! We were told Tuesday that the process to approve our change of country could take 3 months.  It just makes me sick, literally ill.  Jim was the one that called them and had a horrid experience trying to get answers.  I know just trying to the address of where to send the form was insanely painful if you don't remember take a look at this post.  So Jim asked for us to be expedited and the mindless government drone on the other end of the phone said it was possible and we would have an answer in 5 days.  That was Tuesday.  If you care to hear his perspective you can read it here.

What we don't know is if the answer that we will get is yes they will expedite or a decision on the change of country.  We can not make travel arrangements or even plans until we have this document.  I want to hit something!!!

Our sweet friends are still waiting to get their travel approval and there is no idea of when that will be issued.  I am so hoping that they hear about it today or Monday!  So keep them in your thoughts and prayers if you can! Maire and Chloe need to come home, sooner rather than later.  Maire is going to be 3 next month and to have her in her mother and father's arms before then would be the perfect Christmas miracle.  It is also becoming obvious that our little Chloe is growing more and more each day and we are missing it.

To occupy our time Jim and I have decided to go on a date.  Since we have no children time together alone is not something special but we don't normally formalize it and call it "a date".  So tomorrow we are going out to dinner and a movie.  Dinner will probably be our favorite Mexican Restaurant (not fancy but very good) and the Movie will be Harry Potter (not romantic but our style).  I am kind of excited about it. Don't tell Jim, but I am even going to get a hair cut and I might even dress up a bit and wear make up, ooh la la.  It will most likely be our last "date" before Chloe comes home.  Just thinking that our next "date night" will include getting a babysitter makes me tear up just a little.  I can't wait to be a family of 3!


Michelle said…
That must be so frustrating. I will be praying that things sort themselves out much sooner than 3 months. You have waited long enough! That sounds like the perfect date night. Have fun!
Kelly said…
Have fun on your date!
Have a wonderful date! Soon you won't even remember what a date is! Hang in there!
Anonymous said…
Keeping you, Jim, and Chloe in my prayers!
Cathie in TX
Julie and Dean said…
Hang tight, your travel date will arrive sooner than you expect. Try not to be discouraged (easier said than done, I know).
We brought our 7 year old son home from China last year and he was also from the Hunan Province, Hengyang. Changsha is a vibrant little city. You will enjoy it if you go there to meet your daughter for the first time.
Thinking positive thoughts.
Kim said…
Have a wonderful date night.
And when you go on your first date when Chloe is home.Iwant to babysit..
SpunkyBookworm said…
Have a great date, and I will be thinking of you guys all through this! You've worked hard. It will all pay off!
Charissa said…
Hoping things pull through quicker than expected. I want to see my niece too.
denise said…
Ugh! I'm sorry. There's nothing quite so frustrating as meaningless government bureaucracy...especially when it's keeping you from your child. I hope you hear good news on Tuesday.

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