Proof & Humiliation

This is proof that this adoption has scrambled my brains.

I made an appointment to get my yearly physical, something every girl must do.  Not something that is fun but a fact of life, right? I got there this afternoon waited an hour for the doctor.  Why do you always have to wait so long?  At least I have my Kindle so I had some entertainment.  I finally got back in the room and they took my vitals.  BTW I am down 20 lbs since I started water walking!!! YES!  Hey it was worth going to the doctor just to get that news!

So I get back to the room and answer all the questions, got undressed and on the table and everything. The nurse comes back in and gives me a Flu shot.  Not so bad although I hate needles.  Then when the doctor came in she said "why do you need an annual?"  I was like "what do you mean?, I do this every year" She said "you were here in February"  Oh Great!  I would have sworn it was more than a year since I was in.  I was sitting there naked in a paper thin robe.  Trying to explain why I had forgotten that it was not 12 months (or I thought it was more) but only 9 months since I was medically violated.  I blamed that and the frequent heart burn on the adoption stress and since she has had to have my physicals notarized for the last four years she fortunately was OK with that explanation.

Oh well, I got my flu shot and a refill on my Rx, which I needed anyway but I did not need to be naked to do that :(   Hopefully, the next time I see her I have Chloe and she will stop thinking that she will have to commit me due to delusions of parenthood.  


Michelle said…
That's funny. I hear it only gets worse after you have kids! Congrats on the 20 pounds!
Great job on the weight loss!!

Michelle is right...

The clinic we go looks up your last exam and won't let you schedule another one any less than 366 days later. They also have the computer call to remind you if you are due for something. I keep getting a call saying I need to come in for a follow-up, but I keep ignoring it cause I don't remember what I need a follow up for. (Although I did just have my eye exam follow-up!)
Kayce said…
That's sounds about right for where you're at in the adoption journey! :) It'll only get worse!! Congrats on 20 pounds! That's awesome!

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