So Tired

I've been back at the pool this week after being sick last week and it is sucking the energy out of me.  I know it is good for me but that does not make it any easier to go or to get out of bed and get moving in the morning.

We are still waiting for Travel Approval and our updated 171H.  I feel like we are never going to be ready for Travel and I am freaking out a bit that it is going to sneak up on us and I want to enjoy it and not be rushed but it is not my life if I am not doing things last minute.

I wish I had more to write but my brain has just been a little foggy lately, maybe this weekend I will have something to report.


Kelly said…
I'm so sorry you're still not feeling 100%. But can't wait to "meet" Chloe! :)
denise said…
I'm praying those forms arrive SOON!
And I hope you're feeling better soon too.
Stress is equivalent to running a marathon.

When you receive will be so FULL of energy!!! It's coming really is! Hang in there friend! oxoxox
Nicole said…
I know the feeling! I have been trying to get in btter shape to keep up with the twin tornados at my house!
Make sure you are getting lots of rest so you are ready for this trip!
Can not wait to see little Chloe in your arms!
SpunkyBookworm said…
Take it easy! Work back slowly, so you don't drain yourself for when you have to up and leave. Can't wait till everything's all said and done!

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