Holy Sesame Oil Batman!

We are going to China!! We just got an email with our consulate date and gotcha day, I have a whole story about the day that we will get her but that will have to be another post!  I am TOTALLY freaking out!! Yes I knew it was coming but I am completely scared about what has to be done before we leave!  I have work stuff to deal with and travel arrangements to be made and packing to do and arranging for the animals and about a million other things!  Hold on a minute.....
Ok better now after breathing in a paper bag and putting my head between my legs, ahhh. I might spend a couple days freaking out and I might be a basket case until we are on a plane and heck who am I kidding maybe after we are on a plane but I am OVER the moon that our family is about to grow by 1.

She will wait no more in an orphanage with out a mom & dad. I can't wait to see how she has changed and has grown and I can't wait to hold that precious one in my arms.  I hope she is ready for the crazy family that she is coming into, we will try to tone our crazy down just a bit until she gets used to us.

PS I normally say Holy Canola Oil but I figured Sesame was more Asian :)


Jimh. said…
It is sinking in. This morning I felt prepared...now not so much.
Kim said…
I am over the moon excited for you guys..
I am sooo happy ..
you deserve this..
Love ya..
Now get to moving girly..
Lorrene said…
Always say Asian and don't say Oriental. Oriental is a rug to the Chinese.
My hot tip for the day.
A. Gillispie said…
She's beautiful! Can't wait to see all of your family together! What a long, long road it has been for you. I have a feeling all the pain of the past many years will melt away the first time you hold her!

Oh Cora...I'm in tears....I'm am just THRILLED for you both! Sooo....when is Gotcha Day???

You are going to hold your very first baby girl very, very soon!!!

Woot woot!!!!!

Love from St. Louis!
ohhhhhh that is so happy I could cry.....
Thank You Jesus for bringing her home to her family....
God's speed...
Marla said…
Oh congrats!! I can't wait to see your sweet angel in your arms!!
Kel said…
Wow wow wow!! I did a doubletake on the first line!!!

Fantastic news! Very moved for you and Jim! And for Chloe too! Bet she is sooo excited to meet you two!!

Oooh I want to know more more more!!!
Sherri said…
that's awesome news!! I can't wait to follow you on your journey! What a great new year this is going to be!

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