Pre-Adoption Cooking

Well since we are still waiting for our updated 171H approving us to bring home Chloe, I decided to make a few dishes to put in the freezer.  I figure when we get back having a few things that we can just pop in the oven will save us a lot of trouble and I thought if those things were homemade it would truly be comfort food.

I decided on a few dishes, and bought all the groceries and got to cooking.  Tonight I made a lasagna and 2 chicken pot pies and if they taste as good as they smell we are in for a treat.  I still have the Turkey taco casserole, a couple shepherds pies and some cheesy ham & potatoes to make this week.    

Hopefully we have travel arrangements soon!  That will be a day to celebrate!


I need the Chicken Pot Pie recipe... hope you have a better 'welcome home' then we got... 2 people at the airport and back to a dirty house... I will admit... it would have been nice to at least have a balloon outside the house... oh well... I got Shauna...
Amy said…
After you are eating Chinese food for 2 to 2 1/2 solid weeks, you will be SO GLAD you did that! Actually on my first trip, I didn't miss American food terribly, but on the second trip, I probably would have eaten all of your pot pies in one sitting because they would have tasted so good that I wouldn't have been able to help myself!
Anonymous said…
I got to hand it to you for thinking ahead. Depending on the roads and the weather when you come back and if you would want, Dad and I want to be there at the airport to welcome you home. But Aunt Jane says that they will fill in the bill if they can if we can't make it. You need someone there when you step off the plane on US soil. I know I will be on pins and needles until you get home. Love all three of you Mom H
Margaret M said…
Looks so delicious! Wish I had done that before we left. Thinking of you and praying you hear something soon about firm travel plans. I remember that wait and it seems to take forever and then, time flies. Hugs to you!
denise said…
Smart! And a great way to pass the time while you're waiting.

Your dishes sound delicious.
Thats a great idea! The chicken pot pies looks delish!
That is a very smart idea that you will OH SO APPRECIATE when you get home. You will be so tired and not want to cook. PLUS you will want comfort food. That pie crust looks very comforting to me! YUM!
Kelly & Todd said…
I'm so hungry right now I just wanted to jump through the screen and eat all of the yummy comfort food you prepared. Would you be willing to post the recipes and/or links on where to find them?

My fingers are crossed for you that the updated paperwork arrives soon. Such exciting times ahead.

-- kelly :-)
Kelli said…
You will be so (so!) glad you did that when you come home and realize how EASY life was in China with everyone cooking for you while all you had to focus on was figuring out what it meant to parent this new little one in your family! I can't even remember how we managed to eat that first week home, except for the kindness of a few friends who invited us over for dinner which we were so thankful for! I'm sure we must have eaten, but I can't recall making any food! Just trying to figure out how it got so much more complicated when your life was not confined to a single hotel room and people who had breakfast waiting for you in the form a buffet every morning!

So don't hold back...fill that freezer- you'll be glad you did! Hope you get your updated 171 SOON!
Kayce said…
You will be so happy you did that! We did that too and I had my neighbors store some meals in their freezer so we'd be set for a while...I didn't cook for over a month!!!! I hope you have some good news to tell us this week...fingers crossed!

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