strangeness that is my dreams

Jim said I needed to blog about this since I have nothing better (still no adoption news) I figured why not.  I am just going to list some of the things that happened in my dream last night.

  • Jim was late for work
  • Jim wanted to wear shorts to work even though it was like 16 degrees out side 
  • I made him wear a hat with his shorts
  • My cousin (whom I don't speak to anymore) was wearing my wedding dress around our house
  • I kept telling her to take it off, that she was getting it dirty 
  • She kept putting it back on.
  • AND spilling stuff on it, no wonder we are not on good terms, she seems to be very rude :)
  • There was a miniature dolphin swimming in about 6 inches of water that was all over our kitchen floor
  • He was eating peanuts out of the shell
  • I did not find this odd at all.
  • I opened a drawer under our bed (there are no drawers under our bed in real life)  
  • There were more peanuts in that drawer (apparently where I keep the pet dolphin food)
  • There were also 10 bottles each of Johnson & Johnson baby shampoo and lotion.  Apparently I like to stock up.
I think that about covers it.  I am sure there was more weird stuff but as the morning goes on it fades a little.  Everyone has dreams like this right?  Jim says I am crazy and this is just proof, I think there is much better proof of my craziness than my dreams :)


Charissa said…
I have weirder dreams but yours certainly had me laughing =) Everything thing seemed to make sense, except for the dolphin.
Kelly said…
Ummm.... those dreams are NOT proof that you're crazy.... There are other ways of proving you're crazy if Jim really wants to think about it. HA HA
Too funny....

I think it means...that no matter how crazy things are...your mind is always on Chloe..and that the shampoo and lotion are packed and ready to go too. :) I think the dolphin wants to come along...and Jim is wearing his shorts because it will be much warmer in Guangzhou. Oh...and the hat is so that he doesn't burn his head because all of the craziness has caused him to lose his hair. husband wears shorts year round no matter how cold it gets. You should have seen them stare at him in China last year when he was wearing shorts in the snow. I'm surprised they allowed us to bring Mia Hope home. lol

Praying Chloe is home soon!! I can't WAIT!!!!!

Love and blessings,

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