Update...I know, I know it is about time :)

Ok, since I last posted a lot has happened.  After calling and calling and calling our officer about our change of country, she finally called us back last week! I think she might of been tired of Jim's several minutes long messages. every day.  She told us that it had been approved and was mailed out a the week of the 13th!!  We were very excited!  I finally cried it was as if huge weight lifted off my back!  We still needed to wait for the official approval but we knew it was coming.  The next day it was in the mail!  SO great to finally see these words!

Our friends, also received their TA last week (they did not have the immigration issue we had) so that means we are going to get Chloe and Maire together!!!  I can not wait!  The next step is getting our consulate appointment.  We are asking for an appointment towards the end of January so that means we will be leaving in about three weeks.

I have been slowly processing it all and I am not sure that it has sunk in completely but in about 3 weeks this family is going to go from 2 to 3! Can not wait to get her home!

I will post about Christmas later but I think our best gift was the approval!


Jimh. said…
it took me about 30 minutes before it finally sunk in...this is it!
Kim said…
Sooo excited for you guys to get Chloe home..
Lorrene said…
The best is yet to come. Her name is Chloe.
Anonymous said…
YEA !!!! for you guys, you will have her before you know it. HAPPY,HAPPY
Aunt Carol
Michelle said…
Congrats! You must be so excited...what a great adventure to China you will have and becoming parents will be amazing!
C and G said…
Woooooo hoooooo!!!!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations, Mommy and Daddy! Prayers are answered!!!

Arlington, TX
Jade said…
Have been checking now and then to see if you were having any more luck with the change of whatever document it was, am so happy you finally have the needed piece of paper! Enjoy the getting ready and best wishes for the new year which promises to be full of new and different!
kind regards from a blog visitor from Belgium (oh yes and we have some snow to spare if you're interested)
Anonymous said…
What a way to celebrate our New Year and the Chinese New Year!!! Welcome Home Chloe Grandma V
Oh what a wonderful gift you received for Christmas!! I am so happy for you and you will so enjoy having another family to travel with!

Keep me posted on when! Are you going to fly out of Seattle?
You ARE traveling together!!!! Wahoooooooooo

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