Beijing Duck, Blue Skies and Layers!!

Sorry I haven't been writing much, I have been sleeping a little bit more than Jim.  I thought I was handling jet lag pretty well but then the last 3 days of touring finally caught up with me.  I am glad we have this afternoon off.  I just got up from a nap and could probably sleep a little longer if I wanted but I also want to sleep tonight.  It has been so cold out the last 2 days it was almost unbearable.  The first day it was chilly but comfortable and I thought this is going to be a piece of cake, so yesterday I did not layer quite as much and I regretted it.  Today I doubled the layers of our first day and I was still very cold.  The temperatures are very similar to what we have at home but the wind and the fact that everything is outside makes it much harder.  Luckily our hotel has very good heat as long as we keep the curtains closed. 

We have been blessed with incredibly blue skies and clear days.  Our guide told us today that Beijing only has a few very clear days like yesterday and today a year.  Jim has been busy taking TONS of pictures you will likely be seeing pictures of China for years to come on the blogs. Today he forgot his memory card and he made the driver turn around J I think that our guide thinks he is a little bit crazy but I love having a personal photographer following me around. 

Here are a couple shots from today and our Beijing duck dinner last night.  We actually enjoyed the duck although it we were not as good at making the little rolls as they were.  We referred to them as duck tacos but we are pretty sure at that point we were the only ones there that could speak English or knew what a taco was.  

  For Renee, yes they still had heads :)

Tomorrow is our travel day and we fly to Changsha.  We are meeting up with the Wells’ family and will be spending the rest of our journey together.  I am so thankful to have another family to share this with.  We have shared a lot during this experience and I believe it is truly meant to be that we get to meet our daughters finally on the same day. 

Then Monday is Chloe day!!

I don’t know how the internet connection will be in Changsha but we will find some way to post pictures as soon as we are able to breathe again after becoming parents.  If you do not hear from us don’t worry but I know you are all anxious to see her, so are we.   


Anonymous said…
Their weather sounds like Oklahoma's this week ,Monday it was 1 degrees wind chill was -5 to -10 .
Love all the up dates and the pictures. Keep them coming, feels like we are with you.
Aunt Carol
Alyson and Ford said…
Glad you have had clear days! The pictures are great! And I am happy you have another family to be with the rest of your journey (do they have a blog?). Can't wait to read more of your are doing great! I will congratulate you early on being new parents! Congrats!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
Great pictures! We are hoping the connections is good in Changsa!
So enjoying the posts! Glad you were able to catch up on some sleep. That is so important!!

Enjoy the plane ride to Changsha. The airport is pretty tiny and backwards....

So hope the connections are still up in Changsha. I can't wiat to see that adorable face of Chloe's!!

Big hugs!
Lorrene said…
We are anxious to see a picture of Chloe. Hope all goes well for the next leg of your journey. Loving the pictures.
Anonymous said…
Love the pictures!

Had to laugh at the "duck" tacos because my 85 pound black lab is named Duck!

Am so happy you are so close to becoming Chloe's parents!

God bless,
Arlington, TX
It is SO awesome to see you both in China...and even more awesome that you are just hours away from holding Chloe! Wooohoooo!

I find it so amazing that you and Angie are there together.

Anxiously awaiting Chloe Day!!!

Love and blessings,
Jen said…
Awesome pictures! You are taking me wayyyyy back to our adoption trip. I can imagine how excited you are.

Hopped over here from Alyzabeth A's site! :)

Kim said…
Sounds like your trip has been AMAZING.. Love all the wonderful photos..
Can't wait to see Chloe in your arms..
love you big my friend..

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