"Don't Let the Baby Roll Out of Bed"

As I quietly left our bedroom this morning I uttered those words to Jim.  Chloe slept on me for most of the night a habit that we had stopped in China because mommy lost too much sleep and could not deal with the rest of the day with out sleep.  However, it was clear after our brief honeymoon period that Chloe was not as happy to be home as we were.  We can work on sleeping in her crib later, for now it is much easier for her to sleep on me at home than in a hotel room.

This little girl has had so much change in her life in the last 2 weeks that I can't even imagine what she must be thinking.  She loves the dogs though, I was a little afraid she would be scared of them but not our fearless girl.  She tried to stop Gypsy's tail from wagging by diving into it.  Toby is fun to pet too but not as much as Gypsy.

My parents picked us up from the airport and I was so happy for that.  We were way to tried to drive home.  Chloe HATES her car seat so we will have to work on that in some small trips.  When we got home we had a small welcoming party.  Chloe got to meet her grandparents and I think they are pretty much in love with her.  My sisters had gone grocery shopping for us and cleaned up the house a bit, then made us all tacos.  We very much appreciated that.  Chloe and Leah played a bit.  It was good.

Today she gets to meet her other cousins.  Oh and her Aunt and Uncle.  After that I think it is just learning to be a family of three at home!

Home sweet home has never meet so much to me.


Kim said…
Welcome HOme..
Love you tons..
Wish I was there to welcome you home..
What do you mean dog? It's a recliner! LOL! Sooo cute! Welcome home!
C and G said…
Welcome home!!! So happy for you guys!
Lorrene said…
She seems to love Gypsy. I was concerned about how that would go. She has jet lag too and will get adjusted to her own bed.
Anonymous said…
Her and Gypsy looks like they have fallen in love with each other.That makes it nice for you.Gypsy will help keep watch over her. She looks like she is okay with this arrangement.
Aunt Carol
Welcome home dear friend!! So glad you are now back in your place of comfort! That is great that Chloe is not afraid of the dogs. Love the reclining picture of her....

Eventually the sleeping things will work it's way out and she will sleep in her crib. For now do what she needs to be close to you for the attachement and so she knows she is safe . For bed time I still put Jon Jon down in our bed so we can snuggle, read books etc. Once he is asleep we transfer him to his room and crib. This has worked best for us.

Wish we were there to Welcome you Home!!

Anonymous said…
So glad you all had a safe trip. Looks like Chloe has a new best friend!

jade said…
Welcome home! And hurray for the welcome team and the dog alias babysitter&seat and everything. I wish you a speedy jetlag-recovery, it must be hard for Chloe too... Kind regards, Jade
Alyson and Ford said…
So happy that she loves the dog - too cute! Sleeping issues will continue, at about two weeks you should be in a better routine and start getting better (think - new parents home from hospital with new born.... many sleepless nights; it happens with adoption too). Let family help around the house and bring in meals (beg if you have too!). If I recall, you prepared food ahead - enjoy it now! Take care and take naps!!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
Tears....I miss Chloe. But I am so happy you for you all (despite the sleeping, car seat issues). Love seeing her hang out on Gypsy! ..... Jim didn't let her roll off the bed, right?!?
SpunkyBookworm said…
How sweet it must be! Congratulations! Oh how happy to see those pics!
Kayce said…
Welcome home!!!
Myra said…
I'm so happy I had the chance to meet you both in China (all 3 actually!) Breakfast just isn't the same w/o you! Tell Jim to email me some oneliners! So glad you made it home safely! Stay in touch and keep the updates coming!


Welcome home!!! You are HOME with your Chloe!!!

Love and blessings,
Kelly & Todd said…
Welcome home - glad you made it safely. Just wanted to pop in and tell you again how happy I am for you and Jim. Best wishes as you settle into new routines and enjoy being a family of 3.

-- kelly :-)

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