Hutong Lane

 We saw this fellow hitching a ride on the way back from the Great Wall.

This is us in a rickshaw!

 Just daily Chinese life...
 And this was our guide to the Hutong tour.


SpunkyBookworm said…
I'm glad you're enjoying your time over there! You DID get to see the Great Wall then. I know you weren't sure.
Memories just keep flooding back to me ! IT is just so different there. Glad you are having fun and enjoying yourselves.

: ) Jody
Lorrene said…
You look very frozen, but very happy. I Love it !!!
Anonymous said…
I love it too !!!Keep us informed.
Aunt Carol
Myra said…
OK, your's 38* in Shanghai! BUT..balmy Guangzhou is 65* See ya there!!! 2 days to our babies!!!! BUTTERFLIES!
Alyson and Ford said…
Did Jim forget gloves, hat and scarf? Looks so cold!! (we had the opposite: summer heat, sweating, dripping wet along with a typhoon).
Just when you get used to your daily routine..... Chloe will change it all up! Can't wait!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
Kim said…
Great photos..
Love it.. I am freezing just looking at the photos..
Love ya.. you are sooo close..

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