Just a Little update

First I want to thank Diana for posting pictures for us. We can not seem to do that from here. We can post pictures to Facebook but for some reason not on Blogger. We are even having trouble emailing pictures.

First success of the day was our first and second dirty diaper! Boy were they good ones too! All she eats is rice cereal and formula so it is no wonder it took a couple days. We have tried other foods but she had not had anything like that before so having texture in her mouth is not something she likes yet. I am sure in no time she will be eating like a champ but for now we are just trying to keep things the same for her. So much has already changed in her little life.

I know people have said that babies in China like their bottles hot but I never imagined I would be giving a bottle to a baby that was this hot. I almost need a cardboard sleeve like they give you at Starbucks for her bottle. She loves it, they instantly make her sweat but she drinks a hot bottle in about 60 seconds if she is serious. The orphanage director said to make them like lava in consistency and she likes them the temperature of lava too. So we have started calling her bottles, lava bottles. And Jim is the master bottle maker, he has it down.

Night time has been our issue. The crib that we have in the room is just like the one that she was sleeping in and she is having none of that. We will get there, but for now I have to finish this post with a sleeping baby in my arms.
Photo added by Diana!


Hi Cora,

Sounds like things are going well....and I love the newest pictures of your sweet girl!!

LOL at the sleeve for the bottle, yes, that would be a good idea! Isn't it crazy that they drink their bottles that hot?

Funny that you mentioned the whole food thing.... Reagan was the same way. We could not get her to eat anything except for cheerios and puffs. We tried everything and she was not having it. Although she did enjoy a few french fries the day we went to McD's!!

As soon as we got home, all bets were off...... she began to eat everything we put on her highchair tray. Fruits, veggies, meats, starches..... you name it, and she will eat it.

Give it some time, I am sure she will come around!

Hope you get some rest!


Amy said…
Oh my gosh, Cora...I can't get enough of these pictures of you and your baby girl TOGETHER! Chloe is BREATHTAKING...the entire experience is breathtaking, isn't it? I so vividly remember that overwhelming (in every good way) feeling during our days in China with Ruby. Seeing your glowing faces brings those emotions right back to the surface.

You and Jim are such naturals, Cora!

Regarding the sleeping, Ruby never did sleep in a crib while we were in China. She was most comfortable in our arms and seemed to be reassured falling asleep and waking up face to face with us. She still asks to see my eyes as she falls asleep at naptime and bedtime. It's such a basic human need that our precious kids have missed out on in their earliest months and years. Chloe must surely be soaking up all your love and warmth that you have had stored up for her...and I know you and Jim are soaking up all that is Chloe as well! These are just the most awesome tender moments...oh Cora, you guys must just be pinching yourselves...Chloe is IN YOUR ARMS!!!

We are so incredibly happy for all three of you!

Much Love and (((Big Hugs))),
Amy and Family
Kelly said…
I LOVE this picture!
Lorrene said…
I enjoyed reading the above stories. That must help you to read about the others that have been there. I love that little cap. Jim makes the formula. That's our Jim. He can do anything. From making formula to whatever comes along. If he can't do it, he'll die trying.
Anonymous said…
Oh, this is just wonderful,I'm so glad I've got to be part of this, and to get to know you and Jim while we were in Washington two years ago it just makes it so much closer. The first time I was around you Cora you were 6 years old now you are a Mother and Jim is a Father. O'What a HAPPY DAY, WEEK it has been. Chloe is sooo prefect. you two are going to have so much fun with her and being the prefect Parents also. love you guys
Aunt Carol
Alyson and Ford said…
Wow, so happy to read your update. You are doing great, all in God's time. I will tell you it takes months, just like having a newborn, to settle into that mommy and baby relationship. All will be wonderful as each day passes. Enjoy!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
Kayce said…
I am loving that picture of you two!! :)

Oh those bottles! I remember them oh so well! And the joy of those dirty diapers! :) Loving your posts and so happy to see those smiles on your faces!
: ) said…
You guys look so happy!! Keep up the great work. I know it's VERY hard on everybody. Get some good rest and enjoy the breakfast buffet! jenn (Jia's mom) :)
It is crazy how hot some of the babies drink their bottles! lol
Lava bottles sounds most fitting.
Anonymous said…
Did her Great Grandma make her hat? I love it!!!
Aunt Carol

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