Member of the Pack

We lost a beloved member of our pack today.  Sully is sorely missed, he was a really really good cat.  These are not the best pictures of him and perhaps I will post better ones soon but I wanted him to be remembered as our loving puppycat and a missed member of the pack before I get really busy.


Jimh. said…
He was the best puppy cat ever. I will miss his presence very much.
Awww he was a great pet. You were lucky he blessed you with his presence! My heart breaks for you. hugs.
SpunkyBookworm said…
Sorry to hear. Looks like he had a good life, though!
Kelly said…
I'm so sorry.
Michelle said…
I'm sorry Cora. I know how painful this is. We still miss our kitty every day.
Kim said…
BIG Hugz.. Love you girly..
Sooo sorry..
denise said…
He looked like a very sweet kitty. I'm sorry you lost him.

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