Our Beautiful Girl!


Anonymous said…
what a beautiful little girl! So happy for you both.

Myra said…
BEAUTIFUL!!!! congrats! what an amazing day huh? can't wait to see that sweety in Guangzhou! Hope the rest of your week goes smoothy and she SLEEPS!

jade said…
Dear Cora and Jim,
You don't know me, I don't know you, but I am so very happy for the three of you. I wish you all the best for your lives together. Am actually crying right now - hope you don't mind too much... Oh forgot to say: yes, she is absolutely adorable. Good luck with the getting to know each other and the rest of the paper work and check ups and such and have a safe trip back!
Cindy said…
Ahhhhh! Really beautiful. The girl and the family : )
I am happy for you! So happy!
She is just BEAUTIFUL!! I cannot believe how much she has changed even since we saw her in October!

Congrats to the new family of three....you are all just glowing!!

Hope you all got some rest last night!


Kel said…
What a cracker!!! I want some words too next!! I expect you are too busy for that though! hehe! She is such a beauty, and so happy!!
Hi Guys!!

Congrats on your little beauty. You guys look so happy and look like you've been a family of three forever!! Look forward to following the rest of your journey

Congrats & God Bless!!

: ) What beauty and you guys just are so radiantly happy!!!
Luv ya!
Kim said…
Ohhhhhh...I am in tears....


She is even more beautiful... It must be because she is in her mama's arms...she just GLOWS!

What a joyous day indeed!!! I could not wait for the day that you would know the pure joy of becoming a mommy...and there you are with your beautiful Chloe in your arms!

Soak it all in...enjoy every moment...wallow in your happiness!

SOOOO happy for you both!

Love and blessings,
Kayce said…
Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! Your entire FAMILY is just beautiful!!
Debbie Sauer said…
She is so beautiful. The 3 of you make a beautiful family. I went along to Changsha to get my granddaughter about 2 1/2 yrs ago.
Looking forward to hearing how she is doing. Blessings
A. Gillispie said…
I could sop her up with a bisquit!! Just scruptious!!! Wow. Seeing your first days with her reminds me so much of our first days with Taevy (from Cambodia). Treasure every moment!
So happy for all three of you!
Chloe is so beautiful and her mommy and daddy are radiant with love and joy!
Thank You Jesus!
God bless you sweet family,
Kelly said…
Perfection - that's what I see!!
Amy said…
What wonderful pictures of Chloe! She is so beautiful. I am enjoying following your journey!

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