Photos from Jan 18

Jim & Cora have not been able to access blogger or send photos from Hunan, so I am grabbing what they are able to post on FB and posting on their blogs for them. Same post for both blogs!~DHM

The adoption was completed today and Chloe is officially theirs FOREVER!


Kelly said…
She's just so cute!
Amy said…
Oh Cora and Jim, she is sooooo adorable!!!(That was from Gracie!)

Aaaaawuh! Sweet baby!(That was from Ruby!)

Grace, Ruby and I are just a sittin' here BAWLING! We are so full of JOY! seeing you together, a family of three!

I second Gracie's and Ruby's comments...Chloe is adorable, beautiful, precious in every way! And Cora and Jim, you guys are beaming!

Thank you, God, for happy endings that make for beautiful beginnings!!!

Much Love, Continued Prayers and (((Great Big Happy Hugs))) from TX!
She is so so very cute and those eyes are to die for!!! Love all of the smiles but I am sure there has been a few tears along the way.

So glad she is officially yours and you are now a happy family of 3....

Lots of love and hugs!
Kel said…
Wonderful wonderful news! She looks very settled in already!
denise said…

I was crying too, just seeing the pictures and thinking about the loooong journey to Chloe.
Debbie Sauer said…
Love her hair! My granddaughter is named Chloe, so I know your Chloe is a real sweetheart! Blessings
wendy said…
Sweet, beautiful baby! I'm so happy for you guys and can't wait to see more photos!

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