The Question on the Week...

Are you packed yet?  the answer is NO!  I know we are getting very close but I think today is the first day that I can relax and start packing for us, well that is tonight I still have to go to work.  I had an audit at work yesterday that went really good!! and now I feel like my work stuff is winding down, yea!  I only have 3 more days to work and when I come back I will be a mommy!!

I have Chloe mostly packed.  I am still trying to decided if I should take her coat or just get one there?  It is going to be cold in Changsha, but do I want to pack it?  Jim and I still need to pack but hopefully that will be pretty easy.

Our little girl's life is about to change and she does not even know it.  I know it will be hard for her at first but before we know it we will be living our  new normal life with a toddler!  I can't wait.

In a little over a week we will be parents.  I can't believe I am even writing that!


Melissa said…
I was still packing the night before we left for Ethiopia. I say if there's room when you get done all packing then pack the coat, it will be one less thing you have to worry about while in China, but if there's not room, get it while in China. That is my 2 cents. :)
SpunkyBookworm said…
So happy for you! How long are you taking off work for family leave?

I think I'd make room for the coat. To me, it's a necessity that is unavoidable. It won't take time away from her. Pack it flat on either the bottom or top of the suitcase.
Kel said…
Yeah I agree... you will need one, and if you think it's more or less the right size then better to have to go searching if you want to just chill with her.
I didn't finish packing til about 9pm the night before we left!

My immediate thought on the coat is NOT to take it...but then again I think we didn't need half the junk we took to China. I'd see if there is room OR bring a lighter zipper hoodie and layer it!
Kelly said…
Soooo exciting!!!
I'd take the coat if I had room - one less thing to worry about.
denise said…
Good job getting through the audit at work. My husband never looked forward to those ;)

I can't believe how close you're getting! If you're tight on space, I personally liked the suggestion of packing layers and a jacket for Chloe. Will you need to spend much time outside?
Debbie Sauer said…
Pack the coat. I didn't find alot of clothing in Changsha for my granddaughter. Glad we took everything along. Looking forward to following along. Blessings
Kim said…
ok.. a little bit of a teary eye for me here..
I am soooo excited for you ..
I can't wait to see her in your arms..
Love you
K said…
Wow! Finally! I'm so happy for you. This wait must have been torture. I'm looking forward to following your journery to your daughter. Her eyes are among the prettiest I've ever seen!
Anonymous said…
I'm like Kim I'm a little teary eyed just thinking about this coming to a head and you two getting to go get your daughter it is so close now. I think I would pack that coat so you will have one less thing to worry about while you are there.Good luck and I'll be praying for you and have a safe trip:) We love you Guys
Aunt Carol
Sammons said…
Cora, It's FINALLY almost time~~~ Oh how I yearn to see that gorgeous girl in YOUR arms!!! God as surely blessed you and your life is about to become even more amazing than you'd ever believe!! My 2 cents, take the coat! It was FREEZING in Changsha, Hunan in November for us. We had to buy coats and they were not easy to find and not warm. The baby will come in something warm and likely brand new, (lexi had a puffer coat on, it was a size 2T and she was about the size of a 4 month old). Have a blast, enjoy every minute! Praying for you there and back, Mary
Oh it is almost time to go!! What a very exciting time for you guys. I can't wait to see Chloe in your arms!!!!

Changsha was cold in Feb./March last year! We did not pack a coat for Jon Jon but we did take alot of Polar Tec pants and hoodie for him. He came in that adorable yellow snow jacket and pants and that was what we used when it was super cold.

When we went shopping with Richard at the Wal Mart type store we saw lots of little jackets. I would not pack it.Everything we took was so big on him!! We had to roll up everything at the waist and the legs. The bottles and formula I would just take 2 and buy the rest there and the diapers just take enough to get you thru a couple of days. They have huggies there.

Lots of love and prayers to you guys for a safe trip! When do you actually leave? Where are you staying? Please tell Richard hello for us. Tell him Jon Jon is a true spicy Hunan warrior!!
: ) Jody
Alyson and Ford said…
We are so excited for you (how many times have I typed that???). You will be on the top of our blog so we can check frequently for updates! Do you have someone to post emails to your blog if you can't get to your blog while in China?

Alyzabeth's Mommy

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