Shopping Day

We had a free day so we did a little shopping on the island and then we ventured off the island to a street market. I am sure Jim will share lots of pictures of crazy things, like dried lizards on a stick, yummy.  It was quite a day.

Tomorrow we start our journey home.  We get Chloe's visa and we head to Hong Kong for the night.  Then we catch an early morning flight back home.  We have enjoyed China but we are ready to come home.  I can't wait to get Chloe into a routine that is not centered around meetings and sight seeing.  Tonight she really opened up, she crawled around the room while we packed some things up and discovered the mirror.  She found that incredibly amusing.  She would talk and laugh at herself it was too cute.

Andy (the other father in our little group) calls Chloe a gremlin and I think he might be right :).  She has a little gremlin voice sometimes and tonight she tried to rip the mattress out of her crib before going to sleep.  She was laughing and giggling the whole time.  She cracks us up, it is so hard to stay quite while she is in her bed because she is such a clown.


Lorrene said…
She's happy about all those new shoes she got. She does sound so happy.
Welcome Home !!!!! It's been a long trip, but so worth it.
Anonymous said…
She is so adorable!!! It is so great that you get sleep now. T-minus 2 days until we get to meet her! I'm sure you will feel like kissing the ground when you get home. Love you lots, safe travels.
Your sis,
Charissa said…
Lots of shoes!! Very cute. Not too long now.
A girl can never have too many shoes! ....especially squeaky ones! ;)

How many times a day do you kiss those cheeks and stare into those BIG brown eyes?

Love and blessings,
I love to shop too!! Love these pics...her personality is shining! Hope the travel home goes well!
jade said…
Dear Cora,
I love the colors of the shoes you picked and of course I love all the pictures of Chloe, as always! It is such a relief to read that she is turning out to be quite the clown... sounds like she's getting quite accustomed to bossing the two of you around as well. I suppose you will only read this when you get home so: WELCOME HOME FAMILY OF THREE! (I do hope you have the courage to continue the blog, I'd love to read all about how it continues from here), kindest regards, Jade
Debbie Sauer said…
Love the shoes! Have a safe journey home. I will be looking for updates and pics. Blessings
What a cute little Gremilin!! Love the gorgeous color of Squeaky shoes!!! Enjoy your trip home and Hong Kong. We loved it there. The Marriot is lovely next to the Airport if that is where you are staying.
Safe travel and see you on the other side!
Aunt Karen said…
Sweet Chloe's personality is coming out!!! I see such a change in her from the first pics to now. Isn't it wonderful what a lot of loving does to a person. Please try to find time when you get home to keep your blog updated. I will have withdraws if you don't. Dennis doesn't like me when I have withdraws, he says I turn MEAN! Have a safe trip home. Hope to meet Chloe in person when the time is right. Lots of love to all three of you.
I'm going to miss the little gremlin! :) She is just perfect!
Kim said…
LOVE the photos..
Love her ..
I sooo wish I was going to be at the airport..
Love you tons my friend..
Safe travels..
Kayce said…
Shopping days are good!! :) So are all those fun squeeky shoes! I didn't get enough of them and now little miss has grown out of the ones we got! :( Guess I'll have to go back to China!

Have safe travels're in our prayers!
Alyson and Ford said…
Love the shoes and reading about her giggles!
Welcome home!

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