Super Spicy!

One of my readers asked what we meant by spicy when we referred to our Hunan girl.  Well, we have learned that the people from Hunan province are known to be great warriors and they are very brave.  We noticed this in the traffic that we saw in Changsha, you had to be very brave to cross the street there.  But our girl has got attitude, she is only 16 months but I can tell she is going to keep us on our toes.  She already knows how to express herself very clearly. If she is mad, angry or frustrated we know it (so does the rest of the third floor of our hotel) if she is happy or excited we know that too.  She has the best giggle I have ever heard.  We have also seen the very serious side to our little miss Chloe.  She studies everything and takes in so much.  We may be biased just a little but we are pretty sure she is a genius.  She is also all girl.  She tried to comb her hair when ever she finds a brush and she uses her links as bracelets.  So I think right now spicy to us means we will never have a dull moment with this little girl.

There is so much beautiful personality in this tiny little package.  I can not wait to see more and more of it. And now that we have mastered the sleeping in our own bed at night I think I might get enough sleep to enjoy it most of the time.  And when I say mastered we are still taking it one day at a time but right our little method works and tonight we didn't even need to hide in the bathroom.  Read Jim's blog if you want the full story of the last 2 nights.

And now for what you really want, more pictures of the star of the show!  Our super spicy girl, Chloe!


SpunkyBookworm said…
Beautiful pics Cora! I'm glad you're getting more rest!
CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Love the dresses! The girls are just too cute!!!
Lorrene said…
Those must be the little dresses that you made. I love the two on the couch. That is adorable. I hope they always keep in touch. Chloe went from baby to a little girl in a week.It didn't take her long to catch up once she got out of the orphanage crib.
Anonymous said…
Love it all, the dress are so cute on both of the girls. That picture of You and Jim with Chloe is really good. you guys make the prefect family,looks like you are holding a doll,OH yeah, you are !!!
Aunt Carol
Kel said…
Oh I feel so privileged to get a response to my question in a whole post form!!! Lovely too!! She sure sounds like a little cracker!

Arent those dresses you made?? Maybe I have it wrong? did you know the other family before or just a coincedence and you met there??

I'm so glad things are going well. It cheers me up everytime I see you all in these pics xxxxxxx
Margaret M said…
SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have not been on my blog in weeks and as soon as I signed on, I clicked on your blog. I just knew you had her. I have loved reading about your trip and seeing the pictures. I know the wait was horribly long but it is worth every bit of it now, isn't it!!!! Thinking of you all and so very happy for you!!!!
jade said…
Dear Cora, me again, the stranger from Belgium who's been following your blog for a while now, I just can't keep from commenting: your little miss Chloe is just too adorable! And you made the dress the perfect fit! You're amazing and I have the feeling the two of you are already doing VERY well as fresh parents with a 16 month old daughter! You sound as if you've known her forever! Enjoy the rest of the trip (I hope it is not too tiring any more), have a safe flight home and looking forward to reading all about you settling back in at home. Kindest regards, Jade
She is GORGEOUS...look at those long eye lashes!!! It is great to see Maire in her mama's arms as well!!

God is good!

Love and blessings,
Uncle Dennis said…
Chloe with attitude!!??? To me it sounds just like her mother, I remember a little Cora that could get attitude and everyone knew it. So happy for you and Jim, you have a beautiful family now.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations! Your daughter is so beautiful! What gorgeous eyes and long eyelashes! Blessings, Cindy
Soooooooooooooooooooooo sweet!
Your little Spicy Girl is beautiful!
How fun to see her and Maire together.
So happy for all of you.
God's blessings,
Awe........ They are too cute in their beautiful dresses you made them!

I sure do love the Spicy kids from Hunan! So can't wait for ours to meet!


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