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Blogging has been a little more difficult with a Little Miss stuck to me like glue.  Chloe loves her mama and has been quite attached to me over the last week.  Although it is getting better.  We are working on spending more time with her daddy and that is going well but slow.  It is amazing the change that we have seen in her in the last week.  I can not wait to get her home where we can truly get into a routine and feel a little more comfortable as a family.

Today we went to the local shops and looked around and I got Chloe a couple dresses.  I am going back to get her some squeaky shoes and a few other things tomorrow.  Although I don't think we will come back with as many souvenirs as I thought we would. It just does not seem that important any more.  We are anxious to get home and we have lots of pictures to remember this trip by.

We went to the pearl market today and then to a Buddhist Temple.  Tomorrow we are going to a University or a Museum or something.  I think it is just a way to pass the time until our appointment on Wednesday.  I am just glad that it is not too cold to get out of our rooms like it was in Changsha.

Tonight Jim and I went out to dinner at a Thai restaurant around the corner from our hotel.  The food was good, the baby was not.   She was tired and we were hungry, it was a bad combo.  But what else do you do?  We had to eat.  We were told by the waitress that Chloe was a naughty girl because she would not sit in the high chair and was fussy and wiggly.  I wanted to say "well you try becoming a parent for the first time in another country, living out of suitcases and a hotel room and then be hungry enough to take your 16 month old daughter that you have only known for a week to a restaurant and see how you do"  I know it is not supposed to be easy but if we were at home attempting a sit down restaurant meal would be out of the question.  If she could or would eat solid foods maybe she would sit in a high chair and nibble but that is another thing we will work on when we get home.

We have made huge progress in the sleeping in her own bed area.  I was going to wait until we got home to worry about that but both of us needed more rest and Chloe sleeping on my chest was not working.  Last night she cried for about 30 minutes with me checking on her a few times and laying her back down.  tonight it was 10 minutes and she was out.  We both sleep so much better and are much happier in the morning.  

If you want to see more posts and pictures check out Jim's blog here and I will try to post more when I can.  Here are a few pictures of today.

We started the day off with Starbucks, which was a little taste of home.  Chloe loved the hot cup it reminded her of "lava" bottles and NO I did not let her drink any.

Chloe was getting a little "spicy" (as they call Hunan girls) so I handed her off to her Dad for a while.  I think he was happier with the arrangement than she was. 

But eventually it was back to Mama.


What a rude waitress! I would not go back to Bridge & Cow! I am glad that Chloe is adjusting. It will be so nice to get home! Rough at first, but she will settle in!
Nicole said…
Hang in there girl! I promise it all gets easier :) While you are there it is all trial and error. You all are learning about her and she about you. Once you get out of the hotel circuit and settle in at home her routine becomes predictable . That predictabilty brings about a peace for all!!!
What a nasty waitress! I got to the point where I stuck my tougue out! Childish I know but I will blame it on sleep depervation :)
Chloe is soooo beautiful!
Nicole said…
BTW, Emma's on the island has the best shoes!!!!! It is a small store across from starbucks!
Have fun!
Kayce said…
Great pictures! We too did not come back with many souvenirs because like you, it became so unimportant! And you know what?? I don't regret it at all. :) Enjoy your last days in China!
Anonymous said…
Parents can't always have sweet loving kids when they go out to eat, if they are in China or USA Just ask Brandi,you can try but those little one have a mind of their own.It always makes me mad when a waitress or other people try to act like that. So glad she is getting where she can sleep in her bed,you are making progress. Love your pictures,can't wait to see her with Toby and Gypsy when you get home.
Love Aunt Carol
Amy said…
Yay! So glad to read your update and see all the sweet new photos! I love the one of Chloe and Jim cheek-to-cheek especially! :)

Hang in there, before you know it you will be home and settling into a routine that will be way more comfortable for all of you!

Big Hugs and Continued Prayers...
Oh my goodness! That waitress was way out of line!!! So glad that things are going well for you and you are now getting sleep. You will love getting home and getting in to a routine! It is so not easy on the trip.
Yes, you are just passing time. It was really dragging by at the end!Do try to pick up a few things for Chloe for birthday presents down the road from there.

I agree with Nicole Emma's has the best selection of Squeaky shoes.
Love the picture of Jim and Chloe cheek to cheek. Frame that one.

You are almost done and then you head home to settle in as a family of three. YIPPEE!!!
Sending lots of hugs!
Kel said…
wow she is so cute and you three together even more so.. looks like you have always been a family!

lots and lots of love and oh by the way what does spicy mean??? am I being daft??
Kim said…
Love the photos.. and Chloe has on the girls matching dress's...
Love it..
Tooo cute..
can't wait till you are home..
Love ya..
Dennis Engel said…
So great to see Jim with Chloe, that is good she is finally starting to bond with him. As far as souvenirs, you have the ultimate, Chloe.
Katie D. said…
My only question is did you keep the sleeve from your Starbucks cup for Chole's lava bottles? :) I'm glad you guys are sharing everything with all of us back home. We are all so happy for you!
Alyson and Ford said…
Happy Momma, happy baby! Love the last picture!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
Chloe is so GORGEOUS!!!! Those eyes!~

Your little girl has had her entire world turned upside down. I can't believe the waitress called her naughty...grrrrr

Its hard to sleep with a child glued to your chest. That is how Mia Hope was. I slept (or didn't sleep) that way for two weeks in China and two weeks at home. Finally I put her bed right up against mine. We eventually moved her bed across the room. She remained in our room for 7 months...and then all of a sudden she was ready to move out! :) Nighttime is so hard on these babies...the environment, smells...its all so different.

Praying you get some sleep! You are both awesome parents! :)

Love and blessings,

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