Einstein, I think not.

I am not talking about our daughter because she is most likely a genius but there is this baby toy brand that is called Baby Einstein.  Of all the toys we have these are her favorites and especially the book, "Water, Water, Everywhere."  I have had to read it no less than 500 times.  Seriously, I have the book memorized and she digs it off the bottom of the stack every time.  She LOVES it.  I however don't think that it was even inspired by Einstein, there are a couple lines that are just incorrect, I think I am going to have to start correcting as I read it.  I don't want her to get false ideas about the creation of snow :).  

Chloe really loves books, which absolutely proves she is perfect in our family.  Right now she prefers simple pictures with short rhyming sentences.  She will bring you a book ask to get in your lap and listen to you read it over and over again.  She got really mad at me this morning because I need to put my shoes on and made her wait for the 467th reading of "Water, Water, Everywhere

The other toy that we (Chloe) could not live with out is the Take Along Tunes.  She loves this one almost as much as books.  What I love about this toy is that even though it makes noise it plays classical music at a tolerable level.  I give it a thumbs up! 


SpunkyBookworm said…
I love the hat!! What were her thoughts in that pic?? I have found so many grammatical errors in those books! Not as much children's books, but I wonder if franchises like Little Einstein quick paying attention to those details?
Anonymous said…
She is so adorable!

Aunt Karen said…
You can just see the wheels turning in that sweet little head!
Anonymous said…
My dad was not an educated man. He dropped out of school in 8th grade to help support his family during the depression. But, some of the fondest memories I have is me curled up in his lap listening to him read to me! Seeing pictures of you and Chloe bring back so many memories for me!!

She is adorable!!

Arlington, TX
OMG~ Look at that adorable floral dress with the dotted tights. JUST TOOO CUTE!!! The hat is hilarious!! Which Kai Lan necklace does she have? Dori has Li (happy) and wears it every so often!

Chloe is a GEM!
Charissa said…
It's the hat =D! Sweet. Cute pics Cora.
Kim said…
LOVE all the clothes....Chloe is toooo cute... Love it.. Miss ya...
Michelle said…
I love her cheeks!!!
jade said…
You have one beautiful and smart daughter - and all the reading will help her pick up the new language and become even smarter! Love reading your blog!

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