Happy Chinese New Year

This blog update was brought to you by the letter C and NAP TIME!  FYI - I love my girl but I heart nap time.

So we tried an impromptu photo shoot with our dear daughter last night and we got these adorable shots.  (Which I need to crop and adjust but my computer's hard drive is nearly full so I need to put pictures on the external hard drive and so I have room to edit the new ones. )

But we got several of these shots, have I mentioned that she never stops moving...

And then she was done and chasing the dogs again.


jade said…
Dear Cora, Jim did mention something about "she won't stop moving" on his post today: she just looks like the happiest baby on the world - who would want to sit still with so much to be happy about! Happy Chinese New Year to you all!
Cindy said…
Oh Cora...Welcome Home. I am so so happy for you!
Lorrene said…
You can just see the change in her. She is smiling all the time. I got a kick out if the one where Toby is looking back as he heads for the hills. She is tiny, but she rules those dogs.
She is SO ADORABLE!! I love to see her happy little face!

Happy Chinese New Year~


So stink'in cute Cora!!! I love her adorable trumpet socks!! Looks like she is a on the go girl.
Nap time is a special time.... enjoy!
: ) Jody
Nicole said…
Confession here I love nap time too!!!!! And I also love Barney!!!! He alows me 30 minutes of quiet time :)And at my house that rarely happens!
She looks so happy and so stinkin cute!
Welcome home !!!!
Kelly said…
I'm glad the dogs seem to be okay with her. She's adorable!
SpunkyBookworm said…
I'm so happy to see her so happy! Happy Chinese New Year! Don't you love how your kid not only comes into your life, but brings new traditions along with her. :D

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