In Which I Plead for a Better Diaper

I have been sick and tired, quite literally, I got a cold that will not let me sleep with out coughing.  It is really quite annoying.  I have also developed an allergy to the cold medicine I have been taking, because I broke out into hives even though the night time version has an antihistamine in it.  Jim stayed home today at my request, to help chase the speed crawler and let me get some rest.  We ended up making a quick trip to Wal-Mart and to the one of the schools where Jim teaches for a quick visit.

The trip to the store was for a different brand of diapers, I have a box of Costco brand but they don't seem to fit her skinny bum.  The leak a little and her onsies get damp when she pees, I don't think that is normal.  We had some Wal-Mart brand ones that I took to China and they seem to be a little smaller so we are hoping less gapping.  Please if you have a miracle no leak diaper suggestion for skinny mini kids let me know!  Jim got the pleasure of opening up a leaky poopy diaper tonight.  I heard a cry for help coming from Chloe's room and I found a poor crying baby (Jim not Chloe ha ha ha)  Mom came to the rescue and it really was not as bad as all the screaming but still a reason for a bettering fitting diaper.

On the way to the store Chloe took about a 20 minute nap which she apparently thought was enough for the day, since she would not do down for another one this afternoon.  So at bedtime she was really tired and fell asleep almost immediately.  I expect to hear her about midnight wanting a bottle because she was not really into dinner either.  Oh well, I will be up coughing any way, I might as well sneak a midnight cuddle with my girl.

This is how she fell asleep tonight, lovey on face and all.
 She loves books and brings them too us all the time to read.
She still loves Gypsy although Gypsy has learned to hide from her when she needs a break.
"Dad, please pick me up & drop me on the tiger again"


SpunkyBookworm said…
Cora, I hope you feel better! It can be rough when you feel sick and drained. I don't know about diapers anymore. My baby will be 18 next month! Feel better!
GGHadden said…
Feel better soon! waiting to see all the diaper replies, I'm taking notes :)
Love the tiger rug, I just ordered the Giraffe version.
nicole said…
cora. have been following your journey. re diapers...we swear by huggies. 3/5 kiddos of ours were really small/skinny babies. i buy them at costco and go according to the size ont he box but lean on the smaller size. also try changing more often. the weight is baby weight not body fluid weight i hve found. good luck!
Kim said…
Love it..
hope you find a non leaky diaper..
Love the lovey... I will look this weekend for the other one..
Miss you guys..
One of the first pieces of advice I received from a fellow adoption mom was "Luvs" works best for their "tiny bums". Guess I will find out in a few short weeks. Hope your feeling better soon.

I had to look at that top photo a few times because it really does look like she's on her tummy! Cracks me up how she sleeps!!
A. Gillispie said…
Cora, 3 of 4 of our kiddos were very sinny with tiny hinies! Target Brand worked best for us.
denise said…
Could she be an cuter?! Seriously. I love seeing the pictures.

I'm sorry you've been sick. I think that's the hardest time to be a mom.

My daughter definitely had a little bum and we had the best luck with Huggies and Luvs. I tried lots of brands, but I think leaky diapers just happen sometimes. Oddly enough, it always seemed like lots of leaks meant that it was time to go up a size. I dunno about this Chloe's case, though.
Amy said…
The absolute best leak-proof diaper is the Sam's store brand. They only have them at Sam's. Some of the cheapest and very best. Both my kids have skinny behinds, but if I couldn't go to Sam's and had to buy grocery store diapers, Martina did best with Pampers or Luvs and leaked in Huggies. Evan does best in Huggies and leaks in Pampers and Luvs. So you have to try out every kind for each kid. I think depends on butt shape. ;) Our grocery store has some cheap diapers that are terrible, but they also have some premium diapers that cost only a little less than Huggies and are great. Target brand is OK too. But Sam's is still more leak-proof. Everyone I know who has tried the Sam's brand has found them to leak the least.
Catherine said…
Hi! I'm new here (just found you via Salsa blog). My daughter from China also has a tiny little bum (20th percentile weight and 95th for height). Pampers work well for us and then Huggies overnights at night. You've probably tried these but I wanted to chime in as i struggled with overnight leakyness. Hope this helps. Your Chloe is a sweetie!

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