Just some points from this morning:
  • Up at 4 am for a early morning bottle and diaper change
  • Can't go back to sleep
  • make coffee, drink coffee
  • order some things online 
  • Check and respond to email
  • drink more coffee
  • 5 am say hello to husband
  • browse Facebook
  • try to sleep.
  • eat a bowl of Cheerios
  • drink more coffee
  • Wake up call from Little Miss
  • Realize it is raining like crazy outside
  • Change another diaper
  • Dress baby
  • Say good bye to husband
  • feed baby yogurt 
  • watch baby spit yogurt all over her shirt 
  • get baby clean shirt
  • read Christmas book
  • read water book
  • read Christmas book again 
  • Put dinner in the crock pot
  • pick up poopy baby
  • search for poop containers
  • Change baby while scooping up poop
  • get poop everywhere!
  • wash baby and redress
  • Take diapers outside
  • Change my clothes
  • Wash clothes on hot
  • I still smell poop :( WHY?
  • seal up poop bag 
  • still smell it, Ugg
  • look at clock, it is only 8 am!!
  • Take baby step out in the rain to clear the smell from our noses
  • drink my first Diet Pepsi of the day (the first of many today)
  • fish fuzz out of the baby's mouth
  • Give baby Cheerios in high chair
  • Watch her throw them all to the dog
  • take antacid 
I can't wait for nap time!


Ellie said…
the life of a Mom! I hope she goes for a nap soon :) Your baby is beautiful!
Lorrene said…
And she is so worth all the extra work.
GGHadden said…
Oh thanks for the laugh.................wait a minute.....this actually scares me :)
Alyson and Ford said…
What a way to start your day! Shall I tell you that it does get better (I didn't say easier!).
Have a great week!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
jade said…
Yeay, sounds like a VERY busy morning to me! Am sure it is all worth it, but I would be more than ready for nap time too! PS I read the dinner turned out really nice, so at least someone is more than appreciating all your efforts! Have a nice week!
denise said…
Hurray for naptime!
SpunkyBookworm said…
You did more before 8 am than I did all day! Love you girl!!
Myra said…
(((HHHUUUGGGSSS)) and cyber martini's comin your girl! They really are worth it or the entire world would only have one child!

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